Creations, Chic Baby Block Wreath

I  was helping host a baby shower and was asked to make a wreath. The mom-to-be wanted something she could use at the hospital and then in her gray and white nursery


I knew she would love something simple, and more sophisticated than diapers, pacifiers and rattles…maybe just some ribbon and the baby’s initials


I made some “baby block” letters by painting mini canvases


I used a straight edge to pencil in the border and the letters and just free handed the rest


Of course you could use a stencil, or make one by enlarging a block font letter on the computer and printing it out on card stock and making your own pattern to trace

When using a pattern, the outline will increase the size of the traced letter, so keep this in mind for placement and spacing

painted baby blocks

I found this pretty gray and white washed natural wreath at my favorite store, Hobby Lobby


To assemble the wreath I first made a “poof” by gathering some chevron burlap into a series of loops, and leaving long tails

burlap poof

Secure the loops with a length of wire and cover it with a thin coordinating ribbon

burlap poof 1

You can also secure it to the wreath with this ribbon


I will admit that working with this fat burlap “twasn’t easy,” but as with any bow, just pull and tug and adjust until it looks the way you want it too.  I just wanted some volume, not a true bow shape


A double loop of blue and white ribbon was added to the center for accent


A couple of large loops


A wire tied around the lower loop and through the bottom of the top loop forms this accent.  Use the wire to secure it to the back of the wreath and the chevron poof

burlap chevron poof

The same blue and white ribbon is used to add the block letter canvases to the wreath

painted baby block wreath5

I used thumbtacks on the back on the canvases to attach the ribbons


Mom-to-be can change the sequence easily if she wants.  Right now the last initial is in the middle, but she might prefer it at the end~she can just pull out the tack and place it wherever she wants

baby wreath

A sheer baby blue ribbon is tied on for hanging


I hope she loves it!

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burlap mailbox bow

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burlap button bow

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burlap bows

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Everything I used for this wreath came from Hobby Lobby


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  1. Mary says:

    Jenna, I’m sure the mom-to-be will love her adorable monogrammed baby block wreath! Love the chevron burlap ribbon too 🙂

  2. With both of my daughters expecting….what a great idea to do.

  3. So cute, Jenna! Love this idea!

  4. What a cute idea! I love the blocks!

  5. Laurie says:

    Well, I’m sure she loved it. It is absolute brilliant! You are so creative. laurie

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