Creations, Sweet Home Alabama Tree

Do you decorate the same way every year or change it up?  Last year I used cream, gold and silver, but this year I decided to add some red, inspired by these stockings I found at Target I saw a tree at a local shop trimmed with cotton garland and all sorts of organic elements, … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Baked Vegetable Eggrolls

When you get tired of the turkey day leftovers, refresh your palette with these light vegetable eggrolls, they are full of fresh vegetables that you probably didn’t have for Thanksgiving, and they get their flavor punch from a sweet chili peanut paste This is a refreshing change from heavy holiday food~ Start with an array … Continue reading

Holidays, Happy Thanksgiving!

Is your place the center of activity on Thanksgiving? Does everyone flock to your house? Flying in from all over? Or dropping in unexpectedly? Do you have a relative that is always flapping with long boring stories? Or one that is always showing off? Do you have a relative that acts superior and is always … Continue reading

Creations, Winter Knock offs

Have you seen all the wonderful winter pillows available this year? Pottery Barn, $50 & $55 [originally $70] for just the cover My daughter fell in love… ” I bet I could make those~” I said…[visualize head smack here] So off I went, thinking no problemo! Okay here’s the problemo… Fur ain’t easy to sew…nope, … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Enchilada Pie with Queso and Avocado Creme

Queso is the ingredient that makes this different than the average enchilada or taco bake.  It is mixed in the filling and the result is a delightful creaminess with just a touch of heat This is so easy to put together, and will make you happy any time of year You probably have most of … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Eggplant Parmigiana Soup & Pasta Alfredo with Brussels Sprouts and Bacon

I saw this Eggplant Parmigiana Soup on the Food Network recently and couldn’t wait to give it a try.  It is tomato soup topped with eggplant “croutons” and they are baked instead of fried I didn’t know if this was going to be substantial enough for HH by itself so I amped up the meal … Continue reading

Creations, Advent Calendar

Because the calendar gods are against us this year, you know, luring us into a false sense of plenty of time with this extra week before Thanksgiving, then unmercifully plopping Dec 1 on the Monday after turkey day, which will send us all into sheer panic I am trying to outwit the calendar gods, by … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Bleu Bacon & Pecan Dip or Stuffed Mushrooms

Last weekend we had an impromptu group for football watching and I had to come up with a dip at the last minute My fridge usually is stocked with bacon, cream cheese, bleu cheese and sour cream.  I get quite jittery if these ingredients aren’t in there…   If you have these things, you can … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Thanksgiving Casserole

Let me start by saying my foodie son was not impressed with this dish  😳 But my husband loved it!  And I loved it because it took NO time to whip up  😊 It’s not fancy …which is why my son didn’t love it   😝 It’s just chicken vegetables and stuffing combined in a casserole…which … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Early Thanksgiving & Turkey Napkin Fold

We had a little early Thanksgiving for 2 Just a casual meal set at the bar counter Thanksgiving text placemats from Pier 1 several years ago and I couldn’t resist these 2 salad plates at Marshall’s A matching napkin lines the cornucopia for the rolls A Thanksgiving butter dish Our “centerpiece” is the view of … Continue reading