Fearless Friday, Holiday Lights Gift Bag

  Today we’re going to make some gift bags!         This is super fun and you do not have to have special skills, I promise!         Draw a loopy line with a felt tip marker         Then draw another line weaving back and forth over the … Continue reading

Creations, Advent Calendar

Because the calendar gods are against us this year, you know, luring us into a false sense of plenty of time with this extra week before Thanksgiving, then unmercifully plopping Dec 1 on the Monday after turkey day, which will send us all into sheer panic I am trying to outwit the calendar gods, by … Continue reading

Creations, Wedding Welcome Bags

One of my BFF’s sons is getting married in a few weeks and instead of hosting a party she asked me to put my creative hat on and do her welcome bags. I was thrilled! She is a an artist herself and very laid back and said “just go where ever your mind takes you…” … Continue reading

Creations, Recipe for Easy Gift Wrapping

This  post is all about gift wrapping, but first I want to mention another kind of “wrapping,” this slip covered chair in my studio This chair was featured yesterday on The Dedicated House, Before and After Wednesday Please pop over and give Kathryn a visit, her blog is full of fabulous decorating ideas, tips, and … Continue reading