Fearless Friday, Holiday Lights Gift Bag

  Today we’re going to make some gift bags!         This is super fun and you do not have to have special skills, I promise!         Draw a loopy line with a felt tip marker         Then draw another line weaving back and forth over the … Continue reading

Creations, Painting Watermelons, Lemons, & Limes

Now that it’s officially summer, let’s paint some summer watermelon, lemons and limes If you can paint a triangle, you’re all set! For watermelon I use white, pink and a touch of red for the fruit and yellow and green for the rind Dip your brush in pink, then white, then a touch of red, … Continue reading

Gifts from the Kitchen, Personalized Wrapping!

I saw this in a recent issue of the Food Network magazine and simply flipped! It’s from minted.com It gave me an idea for Christmas gifts, food is the gift that keeps on giving! Plus the recipient can make it now or save for later You upload your recipe to their website and they print … Continue reading