Creations, Happy New Year Painted Bottle & Tray

I am sure that by now all your gifts are bought and wrapped, your kitchen is full of fabulous homemade baked goods, and you are curled up by the fire just wishing you had a project~    HO HO HO!


Well, “Don’t shoot the messenger,” but New Years generally comes right after Christmas…


As I recently reminded my Bah Humbug husband, Christmas comes every year, so I don’t know why he is surprised!


I know, “Who planned this holiday madness anyway?”

In an effort to “Keep calm and carry on” I like to remember my favorite passage from a yoga meditation book, “Don’t be afraid of obstacles in your path, obstacles are the path.  Expect them and be prepared…”

painted champagne bottle 3

Now, see how easy that was?

bottle topper

I stuck some gold curly picks into the bottle, hung a champagne cork with its wire cage, and wrapped the bottle neck in sparkly silver star garland

champagne bottle

These gold curly picks are the same ones I used for my Burlap Angels and Cotton Christmas.  You can see other charger ideas on Moroccan Fantasy here and Painted Chargers here

New Years plate

You can whip up a tray like this for a gift or your own fun, with just a few items, in under an hour

New Years plate 1

The gold plate is a $2 charger from Hobby Lobby

bottle tutorial 1

You can paint a wine or champagne bottle with just a few strokes

Use dark green and yellow, load a little of each on your brush.  The paint will mix as you stroke, adding depth and more natural color and light

#1   Make a stroke to create the left side of bottle

#2  Make a half circle across the bottom

#3  From the top right, stroke down the neck then out and down to meet the bottom.  Don’t worry if it’s not quite even, you can correct this when you fill in the shape

bottle tutorial 2

#4 Fill in the shape with more strokes of green/yellow and correct shape if needed

#5 make another half circle stroke up from the bottom circle, forming an oval shape for the base of the bottle. Make a short stroke across the top of the neck forming the lip of the bottle

New Years plate 2

Make a cork with some light brown paint and a  little white

champagne cork

A champagne cork is flared at the bottom

champagne cork

Make a triangle, then stroke a flat oval across the top forming the cork.  Add a simple stroke of white on bottles to indicate labels

New Years plate 3

Make 12 evenly spaced white squares using a square flat brush.  Make 1 stroke at the top middle of your plate, this will be 12 o’clock.   Make the second directly across from the 1st square, this will be 6 o’clock.  Now make 3 o’clock half way between 12 and 6, and 9 o’clock half way between 6 and 12.  Continue with this method to fill out your “clock”

New Years plate 4

Add some thin strokes coming from the bottle to indicate the popping cork

New Years plate 7

Add some bubbles [yellow and white dots], Roman numerals on the clock, and a message if desired.  Celebrate, Cheers or Happy New Year.  If you’re not comfortable painting your message, you could use a printed message and decoupage it on your plate with Mod Podge

New Years plate detail

For confetti,  add some sparkle and bling with glass stones, tile, mini beads.  I used a fast trying tacky glue

New Years plate detail 2 thepainted

Now you have a fun plate or tray to use for a vignette, to hold glasses or a champagne cooler, or to take to a holiday party

New Years plate

I did not add the year, so I can use it again, but a big 2015 would look really cute!

New Years tray

Note: I purposely did not paint in the center because it could get scratched depending on how the plate or tray is used~If you use a clear plate on top for protection, you could paint the center too, with clock hands or a message

Note: here’s how to create the bottle

1. drink a bottle of champagne*  🙂

2. lightly spray bottle with gold metallic paint, letting some of the green glass show through

3. lightly spray with silver glitter spray to highlight

4. decorate with sparkly garland and fill with decorative picks, pipe cleaners, curled ribbons

5.  attach champagne cork so it looks like it’s popping out of the bottle

*if you don’t have an empty bottle, you could create a similar effect by tying or gluing the decorative picks to the neck of an unopened bottle

I hope you holidays are filled with things to celebrate!


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10 Responses to “Creations, Happy New Year Painted Bottle & Tray”
  1. Mary says:

    Jenna, I like step #1 the best 🙂 Your charger tray is so festive with your hand painted details and confetti bling. Love the painted bottle too!

  2. Yes, yes, yes to step #1! I don’t consider myself artistic but I think I can handle this one. Wishing you a Happy New Year that’s fiiled with love and happiness!

  3. This is so festive and such a great idea. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity. I keep forgetting to stick something in in the bottles I painted! I saw some yesterday in Pier 1 which had wire and beads wrapped around the bottle — I thought that might be an easy thing to try, too. I like the way you left the label on the bottle.

  4. Lynn says:

    If anyone wants to make one of these fun decorations I’d be glad to help them empty the bottle:@) Just trying to be helpful… Have a great Weekend Before Christmas Jenna!

  5. That charger is so cute!! and I am loving the spray painted bottle, it is totally glammed up now….Great job!

  6. Kim says:

    Adorable, Jenna! Thanks for another great painting tutorial. You make it look so easy, but mine always looks like a 5-year-old did it! It’s been a fun year, following your blog. Happy New Year!

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