Take-out Tuesday, Prosciutto & Pesto Puff Pastry Tree

How about a last minute Wow recipe…




A prosciutto and pesto filled puff pastry Christmas tree!




There was a gingerbread house decorating party on a recent cold Saturday afternoon at the North Pole, and we needed something warm and wonderful to nosh on




I remembered that I had a piece of puff pastry in the freezer and decided to try a version of the puff pastry trees I’ve seen bouncing around Pinterest




Pesto and prosciutto, handy for recipe creations, were in the fridge




When everything was all set for my gingerbread builders

{HHjr hot glued the houses together the day before so they were sturdy and ready}




I got busy rolling out the dough a little…make sure you use a silicone baking mat or parchment paper so it can be easily transferred to a baking sheet




Next cut it in half, and spread half with pesto




Top with Parmesan




then prosciutto and cover with remaining dough piece




Cut a triangle off of each side to establish the tree shape, then make diagonal cuts at inch intervals all the way down, leaving about 1 inch in the middle for the tree “trunk”





Gently lift each “limb,” using a small spatula if necessary, and twist several times, pinching the edges to seal




Cut slits in the pastry middle with the tip of a sharp knife




Brush with beaten egg and bake





Psst…be sure to check out the variations at the end of the recipe printable




We noshed on the tasty tree while the little ones got busy decorating their houses




One piece for the house and one piece in the mouth!




Charlie Brown vacuumed and helped with the choo choo train




The Dads pitched in, you know being that it was construction and all…




I think they enjoyed it as much as the kids!




Prosciutto & Pesto Puff Pastry Tree

  • Servings: varied
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

1 sheet puff pastry, thawed

1/3 cup pesto

2 oz. grated Parmesan cheese

3-4 thin slices prosciutto

1 egg

Place dough on a piece of parchment or a silcone baking mat. Roll dough out to thin it,  and press seams together.  Cut dough in half down the center.  Apread half of dough with a layer of pesto, stopping just short of the edges.  Top with Parmesan and cover with prosciutto.  Place remaining piece of dough on top and press down edges forming a big rectangle.

Cut off corners at the top of rectangle to establish the tree shape.  With a sharp knife, make 1 inch diagonal cuts on each side, leaving 1 inch uncut in between “limbs.”  Gently lift each limb and twist several times and pinch ends together.  Make slits down the uncut tree trunk with the tip of a sharp knife.  Brush pastry with beaten egg.  Cover and refrigerate at this point until baking.

Bake pastry at 400 for 15-20 minutes or until puffed and golden.  Carefully transfer to platter or serving board.  Let guests pinch off a piece to eat.

Note: for a bigger tree, use 2 sheets of puff pastry and double the filling ingredients

Sweet & Savory Variation:  spread pastry with fig jam and top with bleu cheese crumbles

Sweet Variation:  spread with almond paste, or raspberry jam and chocolate or white chocolate chips



for another printable version of Prosciutto & Pesto Puff Pastry Tree click here

Ho Ho Ho!

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22 Responses to “Take-out Tuesday, Prosciutto & Pesto Puff Pastry Tree”
  1. Ha, ha, glad you had help with the vacuuming clean-up! Looks like everyone ate well and had a blast:@)

  2. Jodi says:

    Oh I don’t know what I love best about this post. The amazing recipe. The grandies’ beautiful gingerbread houses. The whole lovely experience!

  3. What a great recipe to have for the holidays, yum. Great for grown-ups to nibble and talk. What a great way for the little ones to have a blast. Connor and I did this one year and it was so much fun!
    Keep the yummy recipes coming Jenna………Have a wonderful holiday.
    Merry Christmas………….

    • You too Emily! I confess that the next day I tried my hand at it, with the leftover candies and icing I added some touches to their houses, and it’s a lot harder than in looks, so I was impressed with their creations!

  4. Jenna, this recipe looks and sounds amazing! But, the grands are cutest…Merry Christmas to all!

  5. Adorable little ones Jenna! Merry Christmas!

    Johanne Lamarche


  6. Karen says:

    Loved all the photos, it looks like a lot of fun was had at your construction site. 😀

  7. Sandy Dehon says:

    Loved your pictures – especially the little on squatting to see the train. What would Christmas be without a gingerbread house or two or three!
    Merry Christmas

  8. Jenna, that looks delightful! Marvelous for this year’s Saturday games on Christmas eve. Must put puff pastry and prosciutto on the grocery list.

  9. This is gorgeous — and your little housebuilders are adorable!

    Yes, this might see my holiday celebrations! Hope so!

  10. How fun! I want to be at your next noshing party!

  11. Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

    The pesto tree looks delish, but I’m really smitten with your homebuilders association!

  12. hijackedbytwins says:

    Oooh this looks and sounds delicious! Loving the gingerbread houses too, we’ve got one to decorate here. Popping over from #TickleMyTastebuds x

  13. Mary says:

    What a delicious and pretty Christmas tree Jenna! I hope you had a glass of Christmas cheer to enjoy with it while all the construction was going on 😉 Adorable house building by your Merry Elves and a piece for the house and a piece in the mouth sounds like the perfect building ratio too! Hope you’re having a Merry Christmas Week!

  14. Helen Adams says:

    Hi Jenna,
    We had some Gingerbread House activity going on here at the cottage, so much fun! I love your tree and what a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome recipe with us at Full Plate Thursday! Hope you are having a wonderful week and hope to see you soon!
    Miz Helen

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