Tales of the Traveling Tote

Welcome to another tale of the traveling totes!  I am a newbie to the group, but I have already have had a ton of fun with these wonderful ladies, and my tote, Miss Coquille




Miss Coquille is named after the French word for shell, because she will be doing most of her traveling going back and forth between the Gulf Coast and Birmingham, Alabama
Early February

“What are we doing back here?” moaned Miss Coquille




“Why, it’s positively winter!”  she exclaimed




“Not a tree!” she gasped




“Oh no, not snowmen!” announced a clearly horrified Miss Coquille…




Actually, I was pretty horrified myself after spending the past three weeks on the coast, in almost summer like weather




I couldn’t wait to pack the winter things away!




“We won’t be here too long” I assured her, ” just a trip to the salon,




and to deliver this baby cozy…”




“Oh, I do love carrying the soft yarn and sewing supplies” she cooed, “and of course, presents!”




“We’re going to meet MG for lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant” I told her




“You will like it, great atmosphere, and very cozy…”




“Oh, alright,”  she said, “but then please take me back to the sea, it’s calling me!”

I’ve learned Miss Coquille can be quite the drama queen…




Mid February

“Feeling better?” I asked her




“Yes…” she sighed, “I’m finally home!”




Late February

“Today we’re going to visit Miss Emily and her tote at the Grand Hotel in Point Clear!” I told Miss Coquille




A fabulous Mardi Gras arrangement greeted us in the lobby

The Grand Hotel sits on the eastern edge of Mobile Bay and is surrounded by these wonderful old trees dripping with Spanish moss




It was raining buckets the day we went but still looked so beautiful…

These trees wear sparkling lights all year long, so magical!

We were so busy laughing and talking and catching up with another mutual friend from Fairhope, Leslie Anne, that we barely took any photos!

Emily & I were also busy watching Leslie Anne eat the legendary  Grand Hotel Bread Pudding that came with her lunch

It came with a little pitcher of whiskey sauce, which she thought was salad dressing, and she poured it over her romaine…

I promptly made a mental note to add this bread pudding to my March Recipe Bucket List {posting tomorrow}

If the whiskey sauce can double as a salad dressing, I’m all in!!




On the way home Miss Coquille and I stopped at one of my favorite funky shops

It’s full of original art and creations, but they have a strict no photos policy  😢




This incredible fat kitty cat was perched on the stool by the entrance, but I had to take this photo from afar because Miss Coquille wanted no part of that!




Miss Coquille was happy to get home and get back to her new assignment, carrying the Court Jester, my latest needlepoint project

Mardi Gras is a big part of life on the Gulf Coast…




“Can I carry the King Cake too?” she pleaded

“No, that’s much too sticky for you to handle,”  I assured her




“Just hang out and relax for a while”

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Happy March!!


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16 Responses to “Tales of the Traveling Tote”
  1. Mary says:

    Jenna, Miss Coquille has it right that life is better at the beach! I had to chuckle at whiskey sauce doubling as salad dressing 🙂 Love that ‘cozy’, I’d like an adult size!

  2. debra cantales says:

    So glad you have joined the Traveling Totes Jenna and Miss Coquille! A day at the beach is never wasted, and I love your sassy pink hat. Have a wonderful week. xx

  3. Hi Jenna. Looks like my first comment was eaten. Your post is darling. You and Miss Coquille sure have been busy. How fun that you got to meet Leslie Anne. I am a big fan of hers. I hope that you and Miss C have a great week.

  4. I’m with Miss Coquille! My poor gals were cooped up much of winter, and they’re quite jealous of all the travels of their friends (as am I). We are stuck in the mire of remodels, as you know, but we are itching to get out. Soon. I love your witty mix added to the tribe of traveling tote tales, Jenna. And I love all those photos from the coastal area. Happy March!

  5. Jenna, Miss Coquille and you get around! The Grand Hotel is such a delight…I am so glad your tote was taken to such a fabulous place. Hopefully, she was spared the sight of Leslie Anne pouring whiskey sauce over her romaine! You are a great addition the this fun group! Happy Wednesday!

  6. Love Miss Coquille’s adventure. Wish I could have been there! You are a great addition to the traveling totes.
    I can hear the laughter when Leslie Ann poured the whiskey sauce on her salad! Glad y’all had so much fun. Rain did not dampen your spirits.

  7. Welcome to our TT group!! This is such a cute post – with great photos!! Aren’t you the lucky one to be able to travel to your coastal home so often. Love the last pic with your pink hat! I Look forward to seeing more of your travels!

  8. I always love the adventures of the traveling totes! What grand new things she has to hold!

  9. Kitty says:

    I can see that Miss Coquille is happiest with her life at the beach, and I’ll bet you are, too! I’m loving that baby cozy. Did you make it? How funny about the whiskey sauce on the salad. Aren’t girlfriends the best?

    • Ha, yes what would we do without girlfriends! Yes, I made the cozy, I love to crochet, nothing fancy, just baby blankets- if you click on baby cozy it will link to the post. Thanks Kitty! >

  10. Hi Jenna, On my next visit I will following you all around the gulf coast. I want to go to that sweet little funky shop. So happy your mister knew just the right gift for you. Love this story and I see what Miss Coquille loves, being a beach girl! So happy we got to meet up at Point Clear for lunch. Happy March………..

  11. Jodi says:

    Soooo fun! Do you guys pass the tote around or each have your own? What a fun perspective to think of from the tote like the traveling pants 🙂

  12. Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

    Hey, who doesn’t love whiskey sauce on everything? When you weren’t looking, I dabbed some behind my ears and smeared some on like lip gloss too! HAHAHA! Thanks for outing me!

  13. Linda says:

    What a delight and so much fun Jenna. Love the idea and the cute totes. It is wonderful you can get together. I love the MC things. i might have to splurge one day.

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