Fearless Friday, “Experimenting”

I have been trying out some new supplies and my Sketching Station is growing



Everything is arranged on this tray for ease of use and transporting to any spot for drawing



I realized earlier this year that a lot of my markers and pens were ancient

It was time to explore new things!   🔎

I got this set of Ohuhu markers to play with because the price was right.  Good markers are an investment so I am going to try some different types and brands before I commit



The reviews did state clearly that the colors were wonky, for instance, the red is more of a crimson, and the yellows are more gold, but I already have the standard colors,  and I thought it might be fun to play with different tones



I also got a basic set of Chameleon markers, have you seen these?



They have 2 tips and a color diffuser that you place the tip up against and it diffuses the color so when you apply it, it starts out light and then gradually gets dark



It’s a cool concept, except you have to keep applying the diffuser  and I haven’t mastered using it for a serious drawing yet



I highly recommend making charts of your marker colors, tip styles and sizes.  The chart above is for my Master brand fine liner/calligraphy pens

Forgive this very rough/quick sketch, done on the back of a piece of scratch paper.   I keep in folded in the back of my sketch book for fast reference of what each pen can do



This is my new favorite, Tombow Dual End Pens.  One end is like a paint brush and great for lettering as well as coloring, then the other has a finer tip for more controlled lines



There is also a blender pen that I haven’t mastered yet, the wavy lines below Seas This Day, in the photo above

I also decided to try a subscription art box

I chose Sketch Box because you can sign up for one month at a time



Very exciting to get a mystery box full of goodies!



There are 2 price levels, and I chose the premium box for $35 plus $5 shipping



The box contains a set of 30 Artist Tiles, which are actually Strathmore 4″x4″ black paper squares, 3 refillable acrylic paint pens, 2 bottles of acrylic ink, and 1 Graphik paint liner.  They include a reference chart describing each item and it’s retail price

The total retail value of this box is $37.xx before tax, so it’s not exactly a savings but it is fun to experiment with something you’re not familiar with


My biggest complaint was that there weren’t any instructions on filling the markers, and I had to do some googling and find a YouTube video before I could figure it out


They also suggested filling a marker with  different colors to make your own unique color


No, I can’t spell 😳 {a is more fun than e}

The box also comes with a glossy card with a featured artist bio on one side and his artwork for inspiration on the other.



And you can submit your own artwork to Sketch Box to be featured on a future box



It’s important to step back and try something new, have fun and just experiment once in a while, getting to know just what your tools can do!


You might even turn your frog into a prince!

I hope this will inspire you to branch out too, and please share if you’ve discovered something fabulous!

Be Fearless!

This is not a sponsored post

click on the green highlighted words for the links to the supplies

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24 Responses to “Fearless Friday, “Experimenting””
  1. Jodi says:

    Oh how fun!!!!!

  2. Mary says:

    Looks like loads of fun having art supplies and surprises shipped monthly Jenna! Love the idea of the possibility of having your artwork on a future box too. 🙂

  3. Jenna, how fun to get a box delivered with surprises! The chameleon markers are really unique. I can’t wait to see your art work on a box! Happy weekend!

  4. Wow! Your artwork is amazing! This is something I would love to dive into if I had the time. Ah, time, it escapes us all, doesn’t it. I am sure it is fun to open your box and see what you have to discover each time it arrives!

  5. I can’t wait to see everything you create will all those monthly supplies! Fun concept.

    Johanne Lamarche


    • It is fun, but, I don’t think I will order another one for a while, I felt it was expensive for what I got…some of the older boxes are available and you can see what’s in them before purchase…Happy painting Johanne!

  6. I haven’t tried the Sketch Box Subscription Box yet. I was getting the Art Snack but I stopped all my subscription boxes except Prudence and the Crow. Art Snacks was fun but almost every month they sent me something I will never use.

    I love your little frog! And I do like the wonky colors of the Ohuhu markers. Keep us posted on Sketch Box because I might subscribe to it for Shelley.

    Enjoy your weekend, Jenna! I hope you create some fun drawings!


    • That part bothers me too, but I guess the whole point of the boxes is to introduce you to something different…the black paper tiles are fun to doodle on but I don’t see their purpose and wouldn’t buy them. The refillable pens are cool, and I’m looking forward to experimenting with them more. I think I’m going to try some mixed media so I can use a variety of things. The Ohuhu markers are a little disappointing because the tips are inconsistent, but they were very cheap…I have my heart set on Copic markers, do you have any of those?

  7. Thank you for sharing this! I am like you, I just realized my markers and pens are “ancient” and would love to create with something new and vibrant. Wishing you a beautiful weekend, and plenty of time to create to your heart’s content!

    • Thanks Lidy, yes, all of a sudden I decided all my art supplies were “out of style” sort of like opening your closet and finding nothing to wear! ha ha, treat yourself to something fun to play with~

  8. I so admire your creativity!!!!! So skilled!!!

  9. Jill Kuhn says:

    I enjoyed your product reviews, thank you Jenna! ❤️ I love Tombow markers and your colorful page is wonderful. 🎨👍 I hadn’t heard of sketch box. What a neat idea! 😊

    • It was fun to get the mystery box, but it’s not something I’m going to splurge on every month, it would be more appealing if they discounted the items! I just ordered a set of watercolor markers that are supposed to paint like real watercolors but without the mess of water and palette, so I’ll let you know how that turns out~

  10. Love your markers and collection and your very smart sketchbook color logging system! I should do that more often (I do with paint, why not markers?!) Yes, every now and then it’s time for a pitching and new ones!

  11. thefrenchhutch says:

    Oh how do you eve decide! These all look fabulous and fun, all different. Your post with your art supplies turned into a very artsy fabulous post. Lovely…….

  12. Kim says:

    What a coincidence. ID Diva took an entire course during this summer semester to learn how to use a blender. It transformed her rendering into magazine quality images! Have fun using these dynamite tools. 🙂

  13. So much fun to see how these new products worked for you! I’ve seen several of these supplies and had wondered how well they worked. Your review of them was a great help! As well, my niece has been wanting to try out the SketchBox, but I thought it might be a little pricey for a teenager. I like that is month by month. That’s totally a plus. Again, thank for sharing your experience with these supplies.

    • I do feel sketch box is pricey, for $40 I’d rather go pick out my own stuff!! But at least you can look at the older boxes and see what’s in them and buy if they are still available~ it might be a fun gift surprise from Aunt Hope for birthday or Christmas 🙂 I still haven’t made up my mind about the chameleon pens, they are cool but sort of a pain… happy creating! >

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