Tales of the Traveling Tote, Views from the Porch

My tote and I haven’t done much traveling this summer, we have mostly been relaxing on the coast and enjoying views from the porch…



Mother Nature provides an endless show



This week has been mostly rain from remnants of Hurricane Harvey



When it rains here, it rains buckets and you are literally “rained in” until the storms pass



Sunrise is worth getting up early for



Fog can make the closest sights disappear



Most days are clear and bright



The other day I captured these cotton candy clouds



You can see small storms pop up over the Gulf where the boats use radar to dodge the rain pockets



Rainbows are often double



Morning reflections before the world wakes up and the water is still as glass




This is my happy place, my little corner of the porch where I paint, draw, and read



Our “pet” blue heron, Freddy is fun to watch



He does some wacky things!



I wonder what he’s looking at?



He strolls the pier like he owns the place



And flies off with a squawk if you disturb him



He prowls the shoreline looking for a snack




He makes himself right at home sitting on the porch railings




He will land on top of the arbor to survey the area




If it’s all clear, he’ll fly down to the deck



And sneak a drink from the pool



“What, who me?”



Miss Coquille loves to go on the boat



It’s a  beautiful day to head out through the Pass



The Perdido Pass bridge spans the coastal key islands and is the gateway to the Gulf of Mexico from Alabama Point





The kiddos are always looking to spot a dolphin




There are lots of bays and inland waterways to explore if the Gulf is rough




Tacky Jack’s is a local hot spot, famous for it’s Bushwacker cocktails and Garbage Nachos which are served on a galvanized tray like a trashcan lid



Condos, private homes, and marinas all share the waterside



Holiday weekends can be busy, boats anchor at a small undeveloped island known as Party Island




Our pier is popular with the junior fishermen



And can be a very busy place




A lesson on throwing the cast net



Checking the bait bucket




Planes, kites, parasails, and every kind of vessel you can imagine goes by





Not only do people and Mother Nature provide a full day’s worth of entertainment



She’s ends it with a grand finale!




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24 Responses to “Tales of the Traveling Tote, Views from the Porch”
  1. Jenna, why would you want to travel when you have the perfect porch to watch the world go by! Beach life looks so inviting…Freddy is an interesting character and I always laugh when you share photos of him! I think he knows about your fabulous cooking and entertaining style! The “littles” are the cutest! Miss Coquille looks fabulous with that pink hat! Thanks for all the delightful porch views from sunrise to sunset!

  2. It would be hard to leave paradise Jenna. This has got to be the best studio view! And such great light to work in. Bet Freddy is a fun distraction and he looks like he is such a character. Beautiful photos from sunrise to sunset.

    Johanne Lamarche


  3. Jenna, I LOVE this post! From morning to sunset you have the most beautiful spot for enjoying the waterfront. Those pictures of the kids are so adorable and your narration is perfect and made me laugh a few times — a good way to start the day. I can’t believe how much they have grown. I can’t even choose a favorite picture as they are all interesting, from the kids snuggled in the front of the boat, to the bait supervisor, to the intense concentration during training from Dad (?). And of course that morning shot is gorgeous. What light!! I can see why you have no need to leave your home. Linda

  4. Michelle says:

    Love your photos! You always capture the theme.! Out with Harvey and welcome Fall🍁🍁🍁

  5. Jenna, I loved seeing your slice of life from the porch view with Miss Cocquille. It really looks like a relaxing place to be (apart from party island). Garbage nachos….smile. The sunrises, sunsets never bore me. Those are the things that amaze me, day in, day out. Great photos.

    ps Our local blue heron was spotted the other day on the riverbank. He’d not been seen all summer long.

  6. Life sure is better at the beach – and to have a pool on the beach is even better!! That white sand looks so soft. You certainly have a little piece of heaven there and you seem to enjoy having the whole family there – your meals always look so enticing! Love your painting corner – I think I could enjoy sitting there all day, but would be distracted easily by the view! Glad you had such an enjoyable summer.

  7. What a wonderful escape!!! Such beauty and mystery! No wonder Freddy likes to hang out!!! The huge double rainbows 🌈 🌈 would make it sell worthwhile.

  8. What a busy week you have had! Two big parties! You have entertained us with the beauty of Orange Beach and your home views. I agree, no need to leave your lovely porch.
    You captured amazing shots of Freddy and the children are adorable.Love those cotton candy clouds, the sunsets and sunrises and that gorgeous rainbow!
    Miss Cocquill’s bag is full of great memories and sights. Thank you for lovely scenes from your summer.

  9. Your heron photos make me swoon. It’s so darned hard to catch them in flight and have any kind of decent photo (at least for me). You aced it!

    Looks pretty glorious down there. Fab clouds, sunny skies (mostly) and loads of fun. Happy weekend!

  10. Rosie M. says:

    Your post was a wonderful way to start my day!! Superb photos (love those cotton candy clouds, double rainbows, and , of course, your precious family!) You are surrounded by a life that doesn’t get much better. You even have Freddy, your resident comic relief! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Mary says:

    Just stunning scenery Jenna from sunrise to sunset! We love watching boat activity, fishermen and birds from the water. Your captures of Freddie were awesome, especially mid-flight! We have a resident heron that fishes from our shoreline, they always strike me as a little ‘Dr. Suess-seque with their poses and preening. Hope Mother Nature cooperates for your Labor Day festivities and junior fishermen! 🐟🐬🌴🌞🚤⚓️

  12. What a fun post! I enjoyed seeing Freddy’s antics! Your Grands are so adorable. Jenna, you have such a great spot to paint and dream. How pretty! I wouldn’t venture far during the summer, wither, because you have paradise on your balcony!

    I hope we dodge the bullet headed toward the gulf….I hope the storm dissipates.

    Great post!

  13. thefrenchhutch says:

    Jenna, why would you want to leave the paradise you call home, you are on vacation 27/7! It is so lovely there, even when the storms come. I’ve been vacationing there since I was a child. You have had a wonderful summer filled making memories with the cuties there. Love all of your photos. You know how I love the beach so when I need a fix I visit The Painted Apron and the bonus, great menus! Happy Labor Day weekend and RT!……………..

  14. Linda says:

    Jenna, the junior fishermen are adorable. Freddy is a character and it must be a blast to watch.
    You have some amazing shots of the sunset. Storms can be scary. You have captured some intriguing photos. Great way to spend the summer. You are so lucky to live near the water. Thanks for taking us along on this fun adventure

  15. Kitty says:

    You certainly don’t have to leave your beautiful spot to enjoy paradise, Jenna! I loved seeing all the beautiful sky pics and those of the cutie pie kids (big and little). Freddy does provide lots of entertainment, I can see. Thanks for taking me along to your happy place.

  16. Jodi says:

    what beauty and joy! Especially those littles 🙂 Such a lovely place to be you have! And the heron drinks from the pool!!??!! 🙂

  17. Janet says:

    That was like a mini vacation for me!
    The pictures are lovely and what a beautiful place
    To live!

  18. Jill Brewster says:

    It looks like you have had a very full and wonderful Summer. Those evening views alone would keep me there. So nice to be able to share it with family. I pray Hurricane Harvey didn’t do any damage.

  19. debra cantales says:

    Jenna, I would always feel like I’m on vacation at your place! I hope you dodge Irma. I would enjoy starting my day with a sunrise every day if I could! And end with a sunset! Miss Cocquille looks like she is enjoying the action too. Those junior fishermen stole the show 🙂 I can’t wait until Xavier can participate in the fishing contest each summer at our lake.

  20. Kim says:

    Freddy is hilarious! What a great source of entertainment. It’s no wonder that you love your beach home. It’s fabulous with those views and so many things going by – sunrises and sunsets, people, boats, birds, and even beautiful storm clouds! I would never want to leave and wouldn’t blame you if you stayed there permanently. 🙂

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