Thoughts on Thursday

Everything feels upside down this week as we watch and worry for all those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.  We have been sort of “rained in,” as bands from the remnants of the storm cover our coastline

My normal posting schedule has been in a bit of a spin too, with a Fall Tablescape Hop for Take-out Tuesday and Friday I will be Traveling with my tote friends, so I was going to post a little Fearless Friday fun today, Thursday, plus a tailgate menu for Saturday’s big game,  but my heart’s not in it…

Short and sweet today, I just want to ask you to say prayers for Texas, Louisiana and everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey.  We had to rebuild our house after Hurricane Ivan in 2004 and I cannot tell you the devastation I witnessed on a scale so so much smaller than what these people are going through…

I am going to donate all proceeds from my Society 6 Shop to the victims of Hurricane Harvey, in an effort to do some small thing to help… I hope you will join me with prayers and help anyway you can for these people who have had their lives destroyed


I wish you a safe and thankful holiday weekend, I promise I will be back to normal schedule next week~



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  1. We do all need to help and pray for Texas. Only when you’ve experienced a hurricane can you begin to understand the devastation and how it impacts everyday life for so long!

  2. Jenna, I have felt upside down also. I have experienced tornadoes within a mile from our home, and the devastation was unbelievable. But the magnitude of this hurricane is hard to even imagine! We can pray and give to relief efforts, just as you are doing!

  3. Lynn says:

    I have kept the people of Texas in my prayers every day and all through the day as well. Our church will be taking a collection, and Kroger allowed you to “round up” your total or to give at the register–did that. I live in Georgia and we fall in the tornado path. I can not imagine what it is like to be displaced from one’s home. These Texans are tough and resilient–it will take some time, but my money is on them. Their unity is a strong message of the inherent good of man. May God “hold them in the palm of His hand.”

  4. Cyndi Raines says:

    Yes, we have been praying for them. When we get home from camping, leaving tomorrow , we intend to go to our Red Cross and make a donation . God bless you for Your big heart and prayers!

  5. I know what you mean. I had tablescapes done in advance, so I was able to post yesterday, but I’m SO not into creating right now while knowing so many people are displaced and suffering. I have a cousin in Houston who is among them. It’s just awful. And now I see this morning that Hurricane Irma us riling up and headed this general direction. Ugh! I wish you a peaceful, quiet, contemplative, stress-free weekend ahead.

    • Thanks Alycia, we are already stressing about Irma and plan to pack up and get away from the coast by Monday unless things change. We haven’t had an active hurricane season in the Gulf since 2005, and it looks like we’re going to get one this year. I literally feel sick for all those devastated people and families >

  6. We made a donation to a local charity with a good long-time reputation that is sending supplies and workers to Texas. They have sent two truckloads of needed supplies, and are filling a third this week. This disaster is so much worse than Katrina, much larger scale. It will take years for recovery.

  7. I join you in prayers for Harvey people — I know of several who have lost a good deal (this blog world brings us friends from everywhere). It is a very tospy turvy time. Your generosity is really special.Thank you.

  8. Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

    These poor people! We understand hurricanes, but this one seems to be different because of the massive flooding. So nice of you to help, and very encouraging to all of us to get busy anyway we can.

  9. CoziNest says:

    Precious. You inspire us all.

  10. Jodi says:

    a very lovely thing to do! Stay safe and well Jenna!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Praying for Texas and all who are effected by Hurricane Harvey! Also for all those helping! Our Church is raising money to send also… love following you! God Bless!

  12. Very generous of you, Jenna. You have a tender spirit and soul!

  13. debra cantales says:

    Lives turned upside down, and I feel helpless other than donating. Our Red Cross is sending 75 volunteers to Texas tomorrow. Very generous of you Jenna. xo

  14. Jill Kuhn says:

    I cannot imagine having to rebuild after such a horrible disaster! 😞 So kind of you, Jenna! ❤️

  15. What an amazing thing to do! The way people are coming together for this disaster is really amazing. My heart goes out to my homestate. Texas has had more than its fair share of horrible events this year.

    • thank you, it is so heartwrenching…now it looks like we are in for another major hurricane and we are actually evacuating our coastal home later this week. >

      • I agree it is heart wrenching. Oh no!!! I am sorry to heart that… my Niece had to evacuate her home in Beaumont. She went back home to her parents. She still hasnt been able to go home to access any damage. Their water supply is non drinkable atm.

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