Fearless Friday, Fun with Watermelon

We are going to paint today, but first I want to share where my watermelon inspiration came from…




The Traveling Tote gals decided to have a voluntary gift swap, and our fearless founder, Patti, paired us up





We were directed to send something representative of our home state or local community





I was paired with Linda, from Life and Linda

Even though we live at opposite ends of the country, Linda and I have so much in common!  We both grew up in Southern California and now she lives in Northern California, close to where I went to college





She sent me a box filled with goodies from a local orchard in Auburn CA where she now lives, and a photo of the Ikeda Farm and it’s history




Ikeda’s is owed solely by the hard working Ikeda family, and they are dedicated to raising and using only the finest and freshest produce from their farm

You can read about their market and order from them here





Along with a beautiful card, jellies, marinade and salad dressing, there also was a package of trail mix, cute pastel checked napkins, Easter candies, the cutest lipstick purse…










A MacKenzie-Childs “Nautical or Nice” apron!




Isn’t that the cutest??

And sooo clever and thoughtful, not only sending me an “apron,”  but one with a boat theme!

Not to mention it’s from our favorite MacKenzie-Childs!





I told Linda that when I saw the apron, I immediately thought, tablescape!!





I set the table using the apron as a table runner and the adorable pastel colored napkins





I made watermelon sailboats to mimic the one on the apron




A light lunch with melon, crackers, cream cheese




and those wonderful jellies!





I think everyone is ready for summer this year!





Thank you Linda!! ❤️




In case you want to stop by and see the other pairs who participated in the swap, they are listed below

They’ll be posting no later than Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I sent Linda a “taste of Alabama,”  you can visit Linda here

Patti at Pandora’s Box and Emily at The French Hutch

Ricki Jill at The Sketchy Reader and Jackie at Purple Chocolat Home

Linda G at More Fun Less Laundry and Deb at Mountain Breaths

Rita at Panoply and Sarah at Hyacinths for the Soul


Since this is Fearless Friday

I thought it would be fun to revisit some past watermelon creations

and suggest a new art project to try


Painting Watermelon tutorial here


Tropical Glasses here


Watermelon Chargers here


A watermelon table with a painted apron!



Slice of Life watermelon pillow here



Here is a fun art project to try

Take a simple subject, like a slice of watermelon, and try drawing and painting it in different mediums




Which one is your favorite?




What is your favorite medium?


Favorite Tips for each medium:

Acrylic: keep a spray water bottle handy and spray your palette to keep paint moist

Watercolor: use 2 water vessels when painting, one for cleaning your brush between colors, and one for clean water

Marker: make a color chart for reference

Ink:  use waterproof archival pens, they won’t bleed when marker or water color is used over them

Pastel: use a clear fixative to set layers or protect the finished piece

Glass: only use curable paint made for glass painting

Fabric: use a fabric medium to mix with acrylic paint to make a washable painted fabric


Have fun and Be Fearless!


🍉   🎨   🍉    🎨    🍉

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37 Responses to “Fearless Friday, Fun with Watermelon”
  1. Jodi says:

    Omg. I love so many things here today Jenna. What a fun gift swap! I adore your watermelon pillow. So much fun!!!!

  2. What a great gift from Linda!! I love watermelon and can’t wait til it’s in season around here. Your artwork is beautiful! Enjoy your weekend, dear Jenna.

  3. Rita C. says:

    How fun! I didn’t know you & Linda had so much in common in your roots! Love the foods and, of course, that apron! Your creative table is a perfect pairing.

    • It’s that crazy that we have so much in common? I also used to live in Connecticut in the same town Linda G lives in! I had so much fun doing this swap and reading about all the gifts that were exchanged! I loved the package you sent Sarah especially the salts, I bet they are wonderful!

  4. Jenna, what wonderful gifts tha5 Linda sent you. The MC apron is so cute and your Tablescape is so perfect using the watermelon theme! You all have so much fun. Happy Friday!

  5. Mary says:

    Adorable Jenna and how perfect is that apron for you?! I love all your watermelon goodies and those watermelon sailboats are too cute!

    • It is a little early for watermelon parties, but we have had some nice warm days on the coast lately and I couldn’t wait to set a table outside… however it’s freeeeeeeeezzzzzzing this morning!

  6. I think watercolor but pencil/marker has a good feeling too! And what a great idea for a swap — reflecting your regional area. I think you did very well by Linda’s creative and fun package! All super cute and loads of fun.

  7. Sharon Mann says:

    Love all of your watermelony art and food!

  8. Linda says:

    Wow Jenna, you certainly presented a beautiful display with your watermelon tablescape. The apron fits you to a T. How cute those watermelon sail boats are and they match the apron perfectly, along with the chargers and glasses. What talent you have. I am so glad you enjoyed your goodies. There were so many things I wanted to send from California. It was great being your partner, especially since we both have California roots. Have a fabulous weekend.

  9. thefrenchhutch says:

    Hello sweet friend, Wow, love the apron Linda included in the gift swap. It is perfect for you at the beach house. I love how you used it as a runner for the table and of course the watermelon scape is adorable. Love your style from tablescapes to food and menus. Happy weekend Jenna…….

    • Thanks Emily, as you can see I was thrilled with all my gifts! I loved seeing and hearing about all the gifts, and there was certainly a big smile on my face when I saw the Dreamland package you sent to Patti! That was brilliant!

  10. Jill Kuhn says:

    Love your watermelon sailboats! Such fun table decor too! 🍉 Watermelon always has me thinking of summer! ☀️ Your pillow is fabulous – love the patterns! 😃

  11. Kitty says:

    Oh my goodness Jenna, and Linda spoiled you with such great California goodies, and the darling apron! I love that you used it for a table runner. Your watermelon sailboats are just too darn cute. Fun!! Happy weekend!

    • Thanks Kitty! We all had so much fun doing this swap! I know you are in several groups that swap gifts, it’s such a special surprise to receive something unexpected in the mail!

  12. What a fabulous gift!! Your “sailboats” are adorable – you are a clever one!! And for my FAV, the watercolor watermelon, of course!!

    • I think everyone had so much fun Patti, you are such a genius!! My watercolors are rusty, I am hoping to do a lot more watercolors as the weather warms up and I can paint outside. Thanks so much for getting the swap together!

  13. Jacqueline says:

    I can’t believe how your watermelon chargers match the gorgeous MC apron! What a fun swap! And so many fun things to eat too. It just makes me ready for watermelon season!!

  14. debra cantales says:

    What a great gift from Linda!! My hubby loves watermelon as much as me….lol. Your artwork is beautiful! I think you would look adorable wearing that apron too! Love the table!

  15. Yes, that apron was perfect for you! And you styled a great tablescape to showcase it. Your watermelon theme is just too cute. You are the master painter and chef!

  16. Julie says:

    Hi Jenna, oh how fun to have been involved in that fun swap! I love that watermelon apron and all of the wonderful goodies that Linda sent to you. :0)
    I love that watermelon theme tablescape you made too. The watermelon boats are just the cutest. You really make me want summer to arrive real soon as it’s just so cold here. This morning it was 33 degrees! I can’t wait for 60 degrees, LOL.
    Thanks for sharing this fun post at our Cooking and Crafting with J & J
    Hope you have a nice week.
    Julie xo

  17. Jenna, Your gift package from Linda was packed with delights and I can see they sparked your amazing creative mind! The watermelon boats are so great! I can even make those and I will! The apron will be perfect for your summer gatherings at the beach and I know you will create some delicious dishes with the Ikeda farm products. I hope we see the sun here soon as the thought of sitting in the sun eating watermelon is making me drool. Linda

  18. Ann Krucek says:

    The watermelon sail boats made me smile, so the apron Linda sent had to have sent you over the moon! What a perfect gift! And you used it so creatively. Love the table! Love the watermelon art as well- think the watercolor is my favorite!

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