Tales of The Traveling Tote #20, Come September


Welcome to another adventure of the Traveling Totes

Before we get started please keep in mind all those in Florida and the Southeast that are being impacted by Hurricane Dorian…my family is sending many prayers as we appear to be out of harm’s way this time, but have been in the path far too often…

Join me and my fellow toters as we share our latest experiences

with our MacKenzie-Childs tote bags





My tote, Miss Coquille, and I travel all the time…

Doesn’t that sound glamorous?

Except for the fact we always go to the same 2 destinations






I’m really pretty much of a “homebody”





Most of my traveling is back and forth between my 2 homes

One in the suburbs of “the city”

One on the beautiful Alabama Gulf Coast





I was in the “city” for most of August and it was HOT!






It was cool inside Seasons 52 though,

where the Alabama Chapter* of the Traveling Totes met for lunch

*{Emily, Ricki Jill & I}





Besides spending time with friends,

I have been keeping my eye on progress at DD’s house

My daughter and son-in-law are rebuilding from the ground up!

I hope to share an almost finished home in December

Fingers crossed they can be in by Christmas






Most of the time Miss Coquille and I were keeping cool inside

Doing a little early fall decorating





Lots of sunflower fun






Inside and out!






MacKenzie-Childs bees are buzzing around faux sunflowers in the foyer






These MKC queen bee picks are adorable and they are actually affordable!





A dried flower wreath {Target} surrounds the base of the vase

Burlap and black and white checked leaves {Hobby Lobby}

and small sunflower blooms fill the tray and dot the plates






I guess you could say I’ve been enjoying a “Staycation” this month!






Doing my favorite things,



























Today you’ll find me back on the coast

enjoying family time with the people I love the most!




Be sure to visit all my fellow toters

who have been busy as bees 🐝 themselves this summer


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Emily with Miss Courtney ChildsThe French Hutch

Jenna with Miss Coquille @The Painted Apron

Linda P with Miss Lola @ Life and Linda

Rita with Miss Luna C Panoply 

Sarah with Miss Merri Mac @ Hyacinths for the Soul

Jackie and Miss Madi K @ Purple Chocolat Home


Leave a comment on Debbie’s blog @ Mountain Breaths for a chance to win this adorable MKC whisk!



MacKenzie-Childs Queen Bee picks available here

“Sunflower Tea” tray and many other sunflower items available here


🐝  🌻  🐝


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27 Responses to “Tales of The Traveling Tote #20, Come September”
  1. Bonnie Morgan says:

    Jenna, you are always as busy as a bee! You are way ahead of me with fall decorating. I’m loving your tablescape in the foyer, mailbox, and front porch. Keeping up two houses is not a small task.
    My most favorite picture is the last one of your precious grands in the boat. What a darling picture.

  2. Michelle says:

    I love that tote!! And all you sunflowers. They’re so pretty! 😀

  3. I love that you can meet up with the Alabama chapter! And like you, I travel a lot — to two places, the lake and home! Very cute table settings here!

  4. Rita C. says:

    Staycations are GOOD! We always compare every vacation destination to home, and if you love your home, it’s really hard to beat it, no matter where you go. You have two very beautiful destinations to call home, and family that gather at each, that’s hard to beat. I am in love with your sunflower tablescape and all the little crafted additions you’ve been working on. So happy you can get together with the AL contingent of tote tribe mates, and wish each time I was closer. So thoughtful of you to mention those in the path of Dorian. I really despise how the media hypes it up for so long. I have friends and family all along the projected, changing paths, just hoping it’s all minimized as it plays out.
    Happy Labor Day, Miss Coquille and Jenna!

  5. Sarah Anderson says:

    Jenna, your staycation looks inviting to me. I know a home on the Gulf is a wonderful retreat, especially shared with those you love. Happy you and the AL girls got to meet for lunch. I know that is always a special time. Someday, I hope to meet you and RJ. It’s been wonderful to know Emily through the years! Happy September. Enjoy these lingering summer days.

    • Thank you Sarah, I am enjoying the coast with renewed gratitude and beautiful weather, praying of course for all those in harm’s way from Dorian…Emily and I feel like we’ve known each other forever, and it is always a treat when we can all get together!

  6. Kitty says:

    I’m pretty much a homebody, too, Jenna! What can I say, but I love being home. I guess we keep busy doing a favorite things. Those bees are so darn cute, and your table is so cheerful. The polka plates on the checked mats really look pretty, and your painted sunflower goblets are beautiful and tie everything together. We ahve a Season 52 here, too. I’m glad that your three got together.

    • Thank you Kitty! Home is definitely my happy place, traveling is too stressful! My husband and I bought the beach house over 30 years ago for that very reason! I have everything I need at both houses so packing when I go back and forth is minimal so it’s very easy. I love Seasons 52, the service is always great and the atmosphere relaxing!

  7. pattyanneart says:

    You have been busy. 😊🌻
    Love those sunflowers and beautiful decorations!! All so pretty. 💚🌼🐝

  8. Jacqueline says:

    Wow you are already decorating for fall?!!! You are on top of it. I know what you mean- with different homes to go to that is where you go most often. I told hubby I have loved having Cabo under construction so I can go other places – haha! Your place along the coast is always so fun to visit. Glad you get to get out there often. Looks like Summer is over but not our adventures!

    • Well, it was really too hot outside so I had fun playing inside!! This week I’m going to do some fall decorating at the beach house. You are always going to so many glamorous places Jackie, you must never unpack your suitcase! I love traveling through you and can’t wait for a tour of your Cabo house when it’s finished!

  9. As mush as I love to travel, a staycation sounds inviting. Jenna your fall decor looks so lovely, I haven’t done any decorating. How fun to get with the Bama Traveling Tote girls. Happy Labor Day!

    I love seeing the grands in the boat!

  10. Mary says:

    Jenna, We’re homebodies too and don’t travel much except for an occasional long weekend getaway. So glad you don’t have to worry about Dorian, she’s going to pack a wallop…the poor Bahamas…Love all your early fall decorating and the sunflowers paired with black and white checks! Hope you’re enjoying some sunshine today at the coast! ♥

  11. Deb cantales says:

    I enjoy seeing you and Miss Coquille at your two destinations! As much as I love to travel, I am ready for a staycation. This was a busy year for us, and I would enjoy traveling in New York State over the next couple of years. Your fall decor looks so lovely, and there is a chill in the air at our mountain camp. Glad you Bama Traveling Tote girls got together. I love seeing the grands in the boat!

    • Thanks Deb, you have been traveling all over this year!! It will be a while until we have a chill in the air, 101 today 🥵 BUT we won’t be shoveling snow all winter so we can deal with it!

  12. thefrenchhutch says:

    Jenna, I love to travel but I am definitely a homebody, my happy place! I love both your homes, what could be better than city and gulf! So different so I know you feel like you are on vacation when at the beach. Loving your sunflower creations and scapes. I know this was a special time at the beach with all your family. I am so happy we were able to meet last month for lunch, looking forward to next time! Enjoy your time at the beach, I’m sure you need a little rest after such a busy weekend. Hugs……….

    • Thank you Emily, there’s no place like home right? I am pretty exhausted from the weekend but we had so much fun! My son, SIL and daughter did a ton of clean up before they left, they are super great about all that…I am going to enjoy the pretty weather this week and won’t be surprised if my son doesn’t come back for the weekend, he said it’s really hot up there today, stay cool!

  13. Julie says:

    Hello Jenna, you have the best of both worlds the city and the beach. How fun to bring your tote back and forth with you! It sounds like you had a fun time decorating the house for fall. Those bees are just the cutest!
    Have a lovely week.
    Julie xo

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