Fearless Friday, Happy Dots Glassware



Let’s paint some happy polka dots today





These glasses were inspired by a recent purchase from MacKenzie-Childs





The minute I saw this Dotty Cake Plate I was in love…

I decided to paint some glasses inspired by the colorful polka dots on the cake stand

I experimented with color combos with marker

crossing out the ones I didn’t like





First came orange dots





I purposely added the yellow ring before the orange was dry

so the dots had a semi blended look




Painting on glass does not allow you to be too detailed or realistic

which is what I love about it, loose and free





I used three colors of dots accented with 3 different colored rings





You can get a more definite ring by letting the dots dry





Here’s a glimpse at my studio desk,

it tends to get messy but everything is within reach





I paint dots with a round fat brush,

Make a C stroke and then an backward C right next to it and fill in the center if necessary





Next week is Celebrate & Decorate’s Easter tablescape hop





The bunnies are excited about their debut!




Painting on Glass Tips:

1.  Load brush and use deliberate strokes, the glass surface won’t allow you to fuss with it

     2. If you mess up, quickly wipe it off with a damp towel and then do it again

     3. Practice on a piece of tin foil, it’s slick surface mimics glass

4. Make sure you use paint made for glass so you can cure it to make it waterproof

5. Start with clean, dry glassware


If you want to add some bunnies to your polka dots, see the tutorial here



Have fun and Be Fearless!


26 Responses to “Fearless Friday, Happy Dots Glassware”
  1. Mary says:

    Thanks for the colorful and cheery post this morning! Love the polka dots, enjoy your new cake plate ♥

  2. Ann Woleben says:

    All of the glasses are so festive! I want to try each one on some glass jars in our recycling bin. The bunnies are especially cute. Thank you for a cheery post!

    • Oh that’s great! Yes, even if you can’t go shopping, you can use whatever you can find around the house, bottles, jars, flower pots, bowls. The bunnies are very easy and I am thrilled to inspire you Ann!

  3. Rita C. says:

    Oh, gosh, those are cute, and I haven’t seen that cake platter. It’s adorable!

  4. Jenna, the glasses are so much fun and they work perfectly with the MKC cake plate. Happy Friday!

  5. Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors says:

    Your glasses are adorable and coordinate perfectly with that beautiful new cake stand! Thanks for the bright and cheerful post this morning! Take care and enjoy your weekend, Jenna!

  6. pattyanneart says:

    Oh I just love polka dots!! Your glasses are adorable as well as your new cake plate. So much fun!!

  7. thefrenchhutch says:

    I think the cake stand is adorable and perfect for you for your spring cake presentations. How fun you painted the dots on the glasses. Perfect match!

  8. These are so cheery! I love them to bits!

  9. Cyndi Raines says:

    Cute! Makes me smile.

  10. lghiggins says:

    What a fun, carefree, spring project. Looks like a fun thing to do during an anxious time.

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