Fearless Friday, Sidewalk Cafe


We all need a big dose of fearless right now

and I’ve found art to be wonderful therapy





I love to paint flowers, but lately I have been painting different types of things,

thanks to the Doodlewash daily prompts,

and I’ve discovered a have a mini passion for painting loose watercolor scenes





One of the Doodlewash prompts from March was umbrella

I try to interpret the prompts and come up with something a little unexpected

I found this photo of a sidewalk cafe on Unsplash

Pixabay is also a great source for free photos





“What are you painting Gigi?” asked Big E





“I’m painting the outdoor cafe in this photo” I replied





“Ohhhh…it’s really not very good…” he commented





“Be patient, I am going to make it better with lots of layers” I told him





“Hey, it’s starting to look a little better…” he said





I decided it needed some drama and definition

I added some black lines, shadows on the umbrellas and more color on the trees





I finished with a fine liner to add more shadows and a little interest





“That looks pretty good now Gigi!” Big E exclaimed

Everybody’s an art critic 😂



“Sidewalk Cafe” 9″ x 12″ watercolor and ink on 140 lb cold pressed watercolor paper


This was a lot of fun, I look forward to doing more watercolors in this style

I encourage you to try something different,

a new medium, style or subject,

Be Fearless!

🎨 🎨 🎨


27 Responses to “Fearless Friday, Sidewalk Cafe”
  1. Children are so funny. Jenna, I am so enjoying your doodle wash postings on Instagram. I love the sidewalk cafe and wish I could jump into that scene right now. Have a safe weekend!

  2. Michelle says:

    That’s beautiful!!!

  3. Beautiful! I have said it before and I’ll say it again. I am in awe of your talent, dear Jenna.

  4. Julie says:

    You made such a beautiful picture and I love your art work Jenna. Now is the perfect time to sit and draw or paint. I sat for a half hour yesterday doing a marker sketch in my book. It really helps to keep you calm.
    Stay safe and have a nice weekend.

  5. RosieM. says:

    Many thanks, Jenna, for your fabulous Fearless Fridays. Especially right now. I see your post pop up and start scrolling down the page and totally enjoy your delicate wisps of lines turn into small masterpieces. For a few minutes my anxiety level relaxes as I watch your painting evolve and read the comments from your grandchild. Thank you for the smile today. Stay well.

  6. Well done! I love it and the free-ness of it. That’s something hard for me. I did try something new I’ll be posting soon. And it was fun not to be so precise or specific, just roll with it!

    This one really works for me. (And yeah, I know, everyone’s a critic!)

  7. lghiggins says:

    I love that style. You are an amazing artist!

  8. Sandi Magle says:

    Your artwork turned out fabulous, colorful and movement and definitely cheery. It’s always fun to see how someone begins and evolves in a painting. Appreciate your sharing! Sandi

  9. Cyndi Raines says:

    Looks awesome. I am amazed how your initial strokes, and then your layering turns out this awesome picture. I love to see how each step changes and enhances it bit by bit. Thanks Jenna!

  10. Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors says:

    Oh Jenna, your painting turned out gorgeous! You are so talented! I wish I knew how to paint. I wish I had your gift! Enjoy your weekend!

  11. pattyanneart says:

    I love watercolor and ink. 😊Beautiful scene, beautiful work, Jenna! 💚

  12. thefrenchhutch says:

    Fun to have your little critic watch your step by step and hear instructions. I’m sure he’s taking all of it in! Your cafe scene is lovely and I can almost put myself in it on a trip. So happy you are in such a lovely spot during this “stay home” time. Enjoy your weekend…….

  13. Mary says:

    Your cafe came to life before our very eyes…love the detail the liner adds!

  14. Rennie says:

    Beautiful! Now is a great time to utilize creativity!

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