Recipe Box, 5 Minute Prep Recipes


I am actually one of the few who hasn’t been doing a lot of cooking lately

My son is super high energy,

He absolutely loves to cook and create in the kitchen,

and on the grill





His business is home remodeling

and is temporarily shut down during the stay at home order in our state

He has been putting his energy into all kinds of outdoor projects

and cooking up tasty meals every night




Yes, I feel like a queen!

When I do cook, one of his favorites are these Asian Short Ribs

This slow cooker recipe is incredibly easy and always a hit





Even though I haven’t been doing much cooking,

I  did reorganize my 5 Minute Prep Pinterest Board

Here you will find easy recipes and meals to keep everyone happy

Prep time, 5 minutes or less!!





From Breakfast Brunch and Lunch





to Salads










Main Dish




Appetizers and Snacks





and Dessert





You will find tasty recipes that only take 5 minutes to prep

and get you out of the kitchen fast!





Click here to go to the 5 minute Prep Pinterest board


🥗  🥦  🥘


24 Responses to “Recipe Box, 5 Minute Prep Recipes”
  1. Charlotte Hall says:

    ‘Morning! 5 minute prep sounds good to me. That’s my kind of cooking. And as this Texas sun gets hotter and hotter, my desire to do anything in the kitchen just disintegrates. Thank goodness for take-out and recipes like these.
    Have a good day, whatever you get in to!

  2. Jenna, 5 minute prep is great. Prepping is my least favorite part of cooking. How nice to have your own personal chef!

    I think our low humidities and perfect temps are gone, it was great while it lasted. Happy Thursday my friend!

  3. Kitty says:

    You are so lucky to have your son who loves to cook, Queen Jenna!! I love all your paintings and I’ll be checking out your five minute prep board!

  4. I love the salad in a jar!

  5. This looks like a good link to skip to, Jenna. But what I really love here are your paintings! (And the salad in a jar is inspired!)

  6. Mary says:

    What fun to have a personal chef and remodeling expert for a son Jenna! ❤️

  7. Girl… Gotta tell you, in that itty-bitty thumbprint pic that says you’ve posted something new… At first glance I thought, please tell me the kids didn’t catch an eel fishing and they’re BBQing it!!! Ribs are much better-enjoy:@)

  8. Cyndi Raines says:

    Will check these out for sure. So many projects are on my to do list, (a bit overwhelming) and once I’m outside, I hate to stop and go in to make something. Your tips sound like a real timesaver for me. Thanks Jenna.

  9. Nancy says:

    Does your son hire out? Cooking and remodeling?

    And who doesn’t like 5 minute meal preps??

    Love your paintings too my friend!

  10. thefrenchhutch says:

    Five minute prep sounds perfect to me. Yes, you are so fortunate to have HHjr with you during this stay at home order. With his love of grilling outside and your quick prep, meals must be a breeze, you are one lucky girl I think I am too, Jim love grilling outside so I come up with easy sides for our meals. It’s fun too, get to enjoy this beautiful spring outside. Darling art……Happy weekend!

  11. Margy says:

    I love the teakettle picture the best. I’m chief cook and bottle washer for my husband right now. I try to fix dinners that provide leftovers for the freezer. That cuts down on my prep time. I just got some watercolour paints to try learning a new hobby. You are an inspiration. – Margy

  12. marilyn1998 says:

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