Fearless Friday, Popping Poppies, Saving a Painting

Paintings often take their own direction

and end up differently than originally planned…

Sometimes it is the result of fixing a mistake,

or “happy accident”…

and other times you get an idea or change direction mid painting…

When I began this painting I had no plans of adding a third dimension,

but here’s what happened…

This painting was inspired by a “Lilac and Geranium”

by Natalie Shiriaeva, below

I began with a red underpainting

I’ve only done 1 painting, Pink Flower Therapy

with red underpainting and wanted to try it again

I purposely painted a thin white layer over the red

so it would show through in places,

giving the painting a rosy glow

I also tinted the white in some areas with blue and raw sienna

The flowers were painted with short, quick strokes

At this point I was basically finished but I felt like it still needed something…

I added black dots to the flower centers

It looked okay but I didn’t love it…

Ok, that’s better!

A few faux blooms glued here and there

And now this painting really pops!

“Poppies” 16″x 16″ acrylic on canvas

This little poppy painting is currently decorating my easel

along with a Decorative Artist’s Palette

A cheery pop of color in my black and white kitchen!

You can create your own 3 D floral even if you’re not an artist

You can purchase a painting or a print and add faux blooms

Or you can glue faux flowers inside a frame

In Full Bloom faux flowers added to an original painting

Have fun and Be Fearless!

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33 Responses to “Fearless Friday, Popping Poppies, Saving a Painting”
  1. Mary says:

    Love your fearlessness and faux blooms added to your canvas Jenna! The red underpainting really does warm it up. Happy Friday ♥

  2. I always love to see your artistic process, Jenna. The painting is stunning. Have a good weekend.

  3. Jenna, I love the 3 D! It really makes the painting come to life. Yes, you are a fearless artist! Happy Friday!

  4. You are a talented artist, Jenna! Adding faux flowers to the painting is …so fun and very beautiful. Have an amazing weekend!

  5. I love the painting, Jenna. So bright and happy. The flowers are a lovely bonus point! It’s inspring to “step into your mind” and see how you think as you create. Happy weekend!

  6. So beautiful, and the texture is phenomenal!

  7. Martha says:

    It is absolutely gorgeous Jenna!

  8. Totally interesting. When I worked for a large store—the framing department would always put a floral framed piece in our Floral department, I would then do an echoing floral piece on a table below…sometimes you couldn’t see where the painting ended and the floral piece began. This reminded me of that…really lovely and a fun idea!

  9. lulu says:

    I do love poppies which don’t do too well in Houston but thrive in Maine except in my garden!

  10. Nancy says:

    You are fearless Jenna! I really like your 3D painting. It’s colorful and it evokes happiness.
    Thank you for your wonderful tutorial.
    Happy Friday!

  11. Ricki Treleaven says:

    I love the look! I can’t wait until Shelley is out of school because there are soooooo many projects I want to try. I love the colors you used! I hope you have a fun weekend!

    • Thanks, remember you were the one who sent me the link to Martha Stewart’s project and suggested I try it awhile back, it is so much fun and produces an interesting result!

  12. pattyanneart says:

    Oh I love that idea, Jenna!! What gorgeous results!

  13. thefrenchhutch says:

    I love this Jenna. You are so creative with your art and I love how this creation has depth with the petals. Beautiful!

  14. Kim says:

    Wow! The painting is so beautiful and adding the faux flowers is such a cool idea. I can barely paint by number so I am always in awe of such talent! Happy Monday Jenna!

  15. Allyson says:

    Gorgeous! Love the vibrant colors and the 3-D style.

  16. I really enjoyed seeing your process!

  17. rachelle says:

    Wow, Jenna, this is really amazing. You’ve just loaded me up with great – must try ideas. Plus it has my creative side whirling. I need to pause, think, and absorb all of this.
    Thanks again for treating us to your creative mind at the FWF link party.

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