Fearless Friday, Arizona Landscape

I was inspired to draw this landscape

by my sweet friend Nancy

who spends the winter in Arizona

She and her husband are always exploring the area

and she posts wonderful photos of her adventures

and the beautiful cacti that grow around her

photo source Unsplash

I wanted to try out a new style of drawing

I’ve seen on Pinterest lately

It’s sort of an abstract/modern/funky style

I started with a pencil sketch that I went over with ink

If you want to color along,

you can download a free printable here

The first step I take when I color with markers

is to select the markers I want to use

I started with the lightest areas where the sun would hit the cacti

and darkest areas that would be in the shade

The dark green was a little too dark, whoops,

but I will fix that later

Next, a lime green and a middle green

and coral and pink for the flowers

I colored the remaining cacti and then used a less darker green

to carry the transition to the very dark green

I did the sky with two shades of blue

The mountains…

The land

All done!

“Arizona Landscape” 6″ x 6″ marker and ink on mixed media paper

Happy coloring!

Be Fearless!

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21 Responses to “Fearless Friday, Arizona Landscape”
  1. Mary says:

    Love your Arizona landscape and cactus blooms inspired by Nancy Jenna! You’re so sweet to provide your readers a free printable to color or paint along. 🙂 Happy Friday ♥

  2. I like this style! Nice, Jenna.

  3. lghiggins says:

    I immediately thought of Nancy and her beautiful photographs too. Your interpretation is so nice. (A side comment, did you read about the Supreme Court’s judgement 7-2 on Thursday that Andy Warhol’s painting of Prince does not “qualify as “fair use” under copyright law”? The impact could be significant for a lot of creative endeavors. I think copyright has gotten way out of hand. The original intent was for a limited number of years and then the creator was supposed to move on and create new things. Looking at the original photograph and Warhol’s silkscreen, I see such a creative difference–two proper works of art. I’d be interested in your take.)

    • Thank you Linda, I just adore cactus! As for the Supreme Court decision, I agree with you, I see many differences. There is a book by Austin Kleon, How to Steal like an Artist. It states that there is no such thing as original art, that we all inspire each other. “Nothing is original, so embrace influence, school yourself through the work of others, remix and reimagine to discover your own path.” In college, I took a class where we were encouraged to paint from photos of famous paintings by the masters. I do think it is important to give credit to the artist or source of the inspiration but I think Warhol’s paintings are quite different than the photo that inspired him and his signature use of color and style is quite apparent that the work is his own.

      • lghiggins says:

        I very much agree with you. I love art, but I don’t have an art background. I was educated, however, to use my mind, and it leads me to the same conclusion, but not expressed as eloquently as you did. I appreciate your confirming what I think is right in this circumstance.

  4. Nancy says:

    There is just something about the Southwest landscape. And you have made it even more beautiful! Your picture is striking, and I like the style. Thank you so much for the shout-out. We love living in the desert! And now you have shared our love with your readers. Thank you!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Pam says:

    I love this style and perfect for the beautiful Arizona landscape. Nancy provides us with stunning photos of AZ, PA, and travels! Her photography is stellar as is your art work! Happy weekend, Jenna!

  6. Great work as always! Have a lovely weekend!

  7. This is so much more fun and more cheerful than the “real” dessert! I love it!

  8. A bit “prickly” today? I love it because it looks retro in some ways. Lovely!

  9. Kim says:

    Jenna, I love this new style that you tried. For some reason, those cactus thorns just make me smile. Beautiful picture! Happy Monday to you!

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