Tablescapes, Seafood lunch

Recently we entertained some very hard working friends during a leisurely September weekend on the coast.  I decided to set the tone for the weekend with a little “counterscape” on my kitchen island

I filled a large shell dish [Pottery Barn 2010] with some of my favorite shells…then I added some blue pebbles just for a hint of color mimicking the sea…

Then I added the large wooden RELAX sign to reinforce the purpose of the weekend!  I like the simplicity of the arrangement and the toned down color as we move into fall at the beach.  The sign usually resides on top of the cabinet in the foyer.  Look around your house and move things.  You can keep things interesting and fresh just by rearranging occasionally, you don’t have to buy new pieces. Maybe a coat of paint to change things up?  Boy, I get side tracked easily…back to lunch…

I debated about inside or outside…the weather lately has been a little unpredictable, sometimes too windy, or hot because its not windy enough…and the occasional pop up shower.  I started setting the table inside,

keeping things in whites and toned down except for the pop of red. I used folded kitchen towels [Williams Sonoma] for placemats/napkns, and pulled some blue glass and ceramic pieces from displays on the bookshelves.

I love the whitewashed house, I’ve had it forever, I think it’s a bird house.  I added the life preserver napkin rings on the spoons just for fun.
Boy it sure looks pretty outside…maybe we should eat out there…

Yes, much better!

My blue & white “Prissy Fish” usually shows up everywhere because I LOVE her.  Right now she is holding court on the red platter and will “swim away” when it’s time to serve lunch.  I piled the red fish platter high with coconut shrimp so everyone could help themselves as we enjoyed the view.

We served Gumbo in the fish mugs

and the plates for Cocktail Cupcakes, Coconut Shrimp and Orange Marmalade sauce.  A few goldfish crackers for nibbling and a bottle of wine, what more do you need?

The Menu:

Coconut Shrimp with Orange Marmalade Sauce  [see post August 17, 2012]

Cocktail Cupcakes  [see post August 3, 2012]

Gumbo [bought from Blalock’s, a local seafood market in Orange Beach, Al, also stores in Gulf Shores Al & Destin Fl]

This is a great way to start a relaxing weekend!

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  1. lulu says:

    Inside or out wouldn’t matter. Your table is a cheery delight either place, and if the weather doesn’t cooperate it’s good to have a backup plan.

  2. Candy S says:

    Hi Jenna! I made a large DIY clam shell partly from being inspired by your clam shell candle holder in this post. I will be referencing this post and want to show your post as my inspiration photos (along with another Pottery Barn clam shell photo). Thanks…. Candy

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