Home Decor, It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas!

Are you one of those that spends a day or two in a decorating frenzy, get it all done and move on?  Not me, I start slow and do a little at a time, sort of ease into it and see what develops.  I do tend to start in the same spot every year, the Family Room mantle.

I had a sparse formal look on the mantle in November, I wanted to rest between Halloween & Christmas!

This was my inspiration this year, I already knew I wanted to do a lot of silver and when I saw this I fell in love.  Then I learned it was 5o% off! DONE! Didn’t even have to feel guilty about it, no buyer’s remorse here!

I also had purchased 2 polka dot sheer sparkly  fabric garlands a few weeks ago.  They are about 30″x 72.” I really had no idea what I wanted to do with them and I actually bought the silver one for DD, shhhh…don’t tell her, I have already used it several times { see Baby He or Baby She and Cupcakes in the Candy Store} and I am definitely keeping it!

I started out trying to keep it all silver…I am such a color person that it is almost impossible for me to do a monochromatic palette… maybe someday… I tried the wreath with just the silver fabric garland and could tell it was going to be to dull so I tucked the red garland behind it and brought out some of my very favorite decorations. These are handcrafted with wood and fabric by Penny McAllister.

This was my mantle last year and I wanted to do something totally different.  I eliminated the green garland, it landed in the kitchen…

and I tucked a strand of white lights underneath the red cloth.

I almost didn’t even add the lights because this fabric is so sparkly!

the silver ornament filled lantern sits on a pedestal stand behind a chair and helps conceal the cord from the light strand

These tied ribbons are helping conceal the ugly cord also… I would love to meet the electrician involved when this house was built and ask him a few questions…like WHAT WERE YOU THINKING when you placed the electrical outlets!!! Okay, I’m better now.  I try to look at it as a designers challenge…

This is a totally different look than last year even though lots of elements are familiar

The silver packages move around a lot from year to year

The silver metal packages are from Target years ago, and the polka dot one is new this year from Hobby Lobby, 50% off.

The silver wrapped packages are Kleenex boxes that I wrapped at least 8 years ago! I still love them and tuck them away carefully every year so they still look fresh and new.

Here’s a close up of Santa and his elf…his reindeer is across the mantle near the lantern

A few more touches

And this area is ready for holiday fun!  I wanted to tie big festive bows with fat sparkly ribbon but restrained myself so the pillows would stay functional…BUT I can’t promise that won’t happen as time draws near!

Thanks so much for your visit and leave me a comment telling me your favorite Christmas color scheme!

Merry Decorating!

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8 Responses to “Home Decor, It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas!”
  1. Your mantel looks really festive and nice!! I love the wreath, and can see why it became your inspiration for this year! I also have the same “discussion” about electrical outlets that I would like to have with the people that built our house!!

  2. I love your mantel! The addition of the “presents” really spruce up the hearth area as well!

  3. Chie says:

    What a lovely Christmas mantel. TY for sharing coz I found lots of inspiration in here to bring back home.


  4. loavesndishes says:

    Super cute mantel, I adore your ornaments!

  5. lulu says:

    I don’t do nearly as much decorating as I used to, but like you, I do it a bit at a time, always trying to come up with a new way to use the same things. You are looking very festive.

  6. Your mantel turned out so pretty and colorful.. great eye for design. xo marlis

  7. I have started to cut back a bit, too. Not so much by choice…more like just can’t physically handle all of that!!! I like to do something a little bit different every year. I’m glad to see you reached out to do something fun and different with your mantel. That is always the hardest thing for me to decorate!!! You did a good job!

  8. Snap says:

    Your mantle is so much fun. I love all the great color. Your red and green pillows on the chairs pulls it all together. You are all set for a jolly, merry Christmas!

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