Party Panache, Stuffed Artichoke Appetizer

One of my besties stuck this recipe in my mailbox the other day and said “You need to make this!” She knows that we LOVE artichokes around here, so that was REALLY sweet, but what she didn’t know is that I tried making stuffed artichokes a few months ago and it was a major FAILURE.  So, I felt like this was an omen, a SURE sign that I should not give up, but try, try again…

The first time I tried this method, I didn’t cook the artichokes prior to stuffing them.  Major mistake, that is why the big failure, they never got soft.  This time I cooked the artichokes in my usual method, boiling and steaming.

Cut off the stem and the sharp tip of the leaves.  Use a knife to cut the stem and about 1 inch off the top, then trim the rest of the leaves with kitchen scissors.

Place the artichokes in a pot of cold water, I usually fill the pot about half way.  Cover and turn burner to high.  When water begins boiling and you see steam escaping, turn heat down to low and let the artichokes steam/boil for 1 hour or until they are tender.   Carefully remove from pot and drain upside down on a kitchen towel.

The recipe my friend gave me called for anchovies, but I just couldn’t pull the trigger on that so I made a simple stuffing with breadcrumbs, seasoning and Parmesan cheese.

I sauteed the breadcrumbs in a skillet with some Olive oil until they just started to turn golden, seasoning them while they cooked.  Add Parmesan and toss.

Remove cooked bread crumbs to a large bowl and place drained artichoke on top.  Using a melon baller or a small spoon, scoop out the inner choke, keeping the shape intact.  You know those photos in Glamour magazine where they show you fashion successes {Glamour Dos} and fashion no nos [Glamour Don’ts}? Well, the above photo is a “Glamour Do.”

This is a “Glamour Don’t!” With the second artichoke I decided to spread the leaves and THEN remove the choke, which as you can see was a bad idea…
because the artichoke was so tender, it just basically gave way.  I managed to salvage this however, just wanted to show you the difference.  I will show you the salvaged version in a minute.

Back to the “Glamour Do.”  I gently spread the leaves from the inside out, leaving a cavity in the center where the inedible part of the choke had been.
Then I began stuffing the filling down into each leaf.  The bowl makes quick work of this.

Then I placed the stuffed beauty into a small baking dish.

and it was ready for a final spin in the oven to brown up a little more and melt the cheese.  You can also hold these in the refrigerator at this point and bake later.

Here is the “Glamour Don’t” artichoke which I placed in another small baking dish to help it hold it’s shape, and carefully stuffed it.  It might not look as pretty as the other one but it tasted just as good!

After a little time in the oven, the artichokes were ready to be enjoyed.  Serve a dipping sauce on the side, you can use some prepared Ranch or Bleu Cheese dressing, but I recommend my easy Dreamy Lemon Sauce,  the perfect compliment.

This recipe would make a stunning presentation at your holiday parties! Adding chopped ham, sausage or bacon to stuffing would be delicious.  If you want to try anchovies, just saute them in the Olive oil before you saute the bread crumbs.

I also want to show you another method of preparing this dish

Cut a raw artichoke in half

Remove the choke

For this one, I used fresh bread crumbs and added some red pepper

and just stuff it leaf by leaf

and mound the stuffing in the middle

Place filled chokes in a baking dish with a couple inches of water.  Cover tightly with foil and bake at 400 for 45 minutes, adding water if necessary to keep the artichokes steaming inside.  Uncover, top with Parmesan and continue baking until brown and melty.

NOTE: I had trouble getting the artichokes tender this way, next time I would partially cook them before halving, until they are just tender but still firm enough not to fall apart, and reduce baking time.  When cooking something like this, times can be so variable, depending on the size of the artichoke, so just leave yourself plenty of time and flexibility.

A sprinkling of parsley and they are party ready.  Impressive side dish or appetizer!

Here’s the recipe:



  • Panko crumbs or fresh bread crumbs
  • Italian seasoning
  • garlic powder
  • S & P
  • Olive oil
  • Parmesan cheese freshly grated or shaved
  • real butter
  • parsley for garnish
  • optional: chopped cooked bacon sausage, ham, anchovies, red pepper


  • Ingredient amounts should be adjusted according to number of artichokes.
  • Melt 1 Tablespoon of butter in large skillet over medium high heat and add a healthy drizzle of Olive oil and swirl around the pan.
  • Add bread crumbs [anchovies first if you are using them, then bread] and season to taste.
  • Cook and stir a few minutes until breadcrumbs turn golden, adding Olive oil to keep them just moistened.
  • Remove from heat and stir in Parmesan.
  • Place stuffing in a large bowl and add artichokes, one at a time [or 1/2] and using your fingers stuff filling into each leaf. Mound remaining stuffing on top of artichoke and drizzle with Olive oil, and sprinkle with more cheese if desired.
  • Bake at 400, according to directions for various methods per photos above, until chokes are tender, cheese is melted and leaf tips are beginning to brown.
  • Serve warm or at room temperature. Can be prepped earlier in the day and held in refrigerator until baking.


{1/2 per person side dish, 1 per 4-6 people appetizer}

Please share your successes and failures in the comment section, I would love to hear about them.  Thanks for your visit today!

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7 Responses to “Party Panache, Stuffed Artichoke Appetizer”
  1. These look great! I had some major failures the first time I prepared artichokes and am always a tad nervous to make them again. I will have to use your stuffing method (with the Glamour Do, of course!)

  2. I’ve never eaten artichokes any other way except marinated in my salads…oh, except once on a pizza which was really good, too! These look really tasty! I’m glad you have cracked the code so that you can now enjoy artichokes whenever the mood strikes!

    • They are so good Alycia, you need to try this! Anyone who can create such beautiful tablescapes can surely master the artichoke! As I told Kenley from Green Door Hospitality, my favorite way to eat them is unadorned with a little sauce for dipping. Thanks for your always sweet comments!

  3. Rattlebridge Farm says:

    We do love artichokes! Yours look delicious, and your step by step will come in handy. Thank you so much for your comment about raising the ceiling! My husband almost fainted when I described it. 🙂 But I think he’s coming around. Hope you have a great week!

  4. Shannon Fox says:

    Oh goodness we LOVE artichokes here at our house. I don’t care what it “looks” like… that looks so YUMMY 🙂 Thanks for visiting my Christmas Mantel ~ Shannon

  5. Mmmmmm. I just love artichokes and these look delicious!

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