Recipe Box, Parmesan Crusted Vegetable Fries with Lemon Aoli

These are pretty much “no guilt fries” and they aren’t really “fries” at all because they are roasted they just have the same shape as fries! load on the lemon zest for some zing and lots of shredded Parmesan ain’t bad either! drizzle with some olive oil and season with salt and pepper The parmesan … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Lunch in the Carrot Patch

Just like bunnies, I have quite a thing for carrots~ they have sort of multiplied around here just like bunnies! so it was only natural that they all came together   in a carrot patch!                 I bought this carrot basket last year on clearance after Easter It … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Grilled Artichokes & Pasta Pillows

Here are the recipes from our “Snooty Waiters & Small Bites” dinner the other night.  Our small bites were actually leftovers that were elevated to a new  status by setting a fanciful table…I am a firm believer that setting the stage is important, even if it’s place mats, a cloth napkin or a candle. All … Continue reading

Take out Tuesday, Loaded with Fruits & Vegetables!

Guess how many different fruits and vegetables are in this meal featuring an old favorite, Chicken Spaghetti?  10!   A rainbow of colors and flavors come together to make this familiar dish a little more flavorful and healthier! With a side salad full of fresh romaine, spinach, fruit and berries you will have a full day’s … Continue reading

Party Panache, Stuffed Artichoke Appetizer

One of my besties stuck this recipe in my mailbox the other day and said “You need to make this!” She knows that we LOVE artichokes around here, so that was REALLY sweet, but what she didn’t know is that I tried making stuffed artichokes a few months ago and it was a major FAILURE.  … Continue reading


Welcome to “the Painted Apron”, a  crazy place where there is cooking, painting and creating going on most of the time. I hope to inspire you with recipes and ideas for your own creations and experiments.  My focus topics will be recipes, gifts, tablescapes, organization, painting and parties. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to use fresh … Continue reading