Take-out Tuesday, Potato Peel Fries

When I heard about this recently I couldn’t wait to try it Fried potato peels! Did you know that most of the nutrition is in the skin? So these are at least a teeny bit healthy! And guess what, if you don’t want to fry them, you can roast them too! Peel potatoes Use a … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Parmesan Crusted Vegetable Fries with Lemon Aoli

These are pretty much “no guilt fries” and they aren’t really “fries” at all because they are roasted they just have the same shape as fries! load on the lemon zest for some zing and lots of shredded Parmesan ain’t bad either! drizzle with some olive oil and season with salt and pepper The parmesan … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Italian Fries

I combined 2 Pinterest recipe ideas to come up with these baked, flavorful potatoes which Hungry Husband declared the best fries he’s ever had, bar none and then proceeded to have 3 helpings!  So you might want to try these, just sayin”…….. Looks good, yes? Couldn’t be easier… Potato wedges, garlic butter {or use garlic … Continue reading