Tablescapes, Watermelon Basket


This was supposed to be a sand pail


And you were supposed to ohhhh and ahhhh and be so taken with how cute this was


I was going to use a cute plastic sand shovel toy to serve the fruit from the “sand pail”


Things were moving along just “swimmingly”


Except  ^^’


It didn’t look like a sand pail, it looked like a basket


a girly girly, flower girl basket


so I decided to go with that


If I couldn’t make a sand pail, I was gunna make the girliest girly girl basket I could!


Sometimes, you just have to go with it~

watermelon basket table

and decorate with frilly orange scallops

melon basket centerpiece

lime and watermelon “corsages”

watermelon basket table

and a pink parasol on top!


Who cares about a sand pail!!


I’d rather have a basket of fruit for lunch!


Wouldn’t you??

fruit basket

Thanks so much for your visit!


Melamine plates and flatware/Old Time Pottery

Stemless abstract glasses/JMdesigns

Note: I used small pieces of toothpicks to secure the fruit to the basket


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21 Responses to “Tablescapes, Watermelon Basket”
  1. hollybertone says:

    Hi Jenna – OMG I’m totally crushing on the watermelon girlie basket and tablescape. Sometimes what we have in our head and what it turns out to be are completely different, but your Plan B is totally sweet! Hugs, Holly

  2. I love it!! The girly basket is perfect, orange scallops, parasol and all!

  3. lulu says:

    Given your plates, I’d say the alternative turned out great. I give you kudos for even attempting to carve a watermelon into a shape!

  4. Emily says:

    Jenna, cute idea for the sand pail but the basket is perfect for this lunch centerpiece. I love how you filled your melon and decorated. I would love a bowl of fresh fruit please!

  5. Mary says:

    Too fun Jenna! Who needs a sand pail when you can have an orange scalloped fruit basket?! A centerpiece you can eat is my favorite kind too 🙂 Adorable watermelon plates and summer table!

  6. Rosie says:

    Great summer table! Bravo for carving a watermelon like a pro! I love your embellishments (parasols are perfect!). Sometimes Plan B turns out even better than Plan A. Everything looks yummy, refreshing and inviting. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  7. This is the cutest one I have ever seen. These were popular back when I lived in Colorado — I’d never seen one before. No one embellished them like this, though — this is all YOU!

  8. Happier Than A Pig In Mud says:

    Your fruit basket turned out cute! And yep, it sounds like my kind of lunch too:@)

  9. I LOVE this! Every party I’ve done has a themed watermelon. This is perfect for the end of the year summer party I’m doing.

  10. I think you and I were thinking with the same brain again this week!!!!

    Sand pail or girlie basket…it’s cute! I love the orange “scalloping” on the sides! I don’t get how you can cut the watermelon like that. I always have trouble getting lines that even vaguely resemble straight, even when using the sharpest knife on the planet! I guess it just takes a steady hand (maybe if I’d put the martini down!) and focus.

    100% fun and delicious!!!

  11. Kim says:

    I love the orange slice scallops! And, yeah, who needs a sand pail when you can have a girly girl basket?? It turned out beautiful, so you can consider it a complete success. Love the taping off you did. If I ever do this, now I’ll know how to do it the professional way. I’m afraid I would have resorted to a “wing it” style and sliced through the melon in a “wrong” style. 🙂

  12. The taping idea is so smart! I always wondered how people did that w/o making a crooked mistake….Your table looks wonderful and I am loving the watermelon bowls!

  13. Candy S says:

    I didn’t know about using tape to help keep the cut straight either. Good thinking!! The watermelon table is so cute. I love the bowls and the rattan chargers over the green placemats. Very creative!

  14. Marigene says:

    Cute, cute table even though I am not a watermelon fan…I have had watermelon napkin rings for ages, but have never used them!

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