Fearless Friday, Tropical Glasses

I am a confessed plate-a-holic



My New Year’s resolution was NO NEW PLATES!





I had a little relapse when I was planning South Pacific, and bought these hibiscus plates



I absolutely love them, they are melamine, even the kiddos can use them, and we will use them all summer, I justified…



Then a few weeks ago, I went to Home Goods…

MAJOR mistake.  Don’t go to Home Goods,  I told myself, don’t do it!  Well, I’ll just look around…I won’t buy anything unless it’s something very needed




I decided watermelon plates were very needed



And pineapple plates would go with the hibiscus and watermelon plates…so I was really been very practical

Plus, I could paint a set of glasses to match them all… that’s being thrifty, yes?



Plus I already had watermelon chargers, it must have all been meant to be!



When painting glass, I start with a practice painting sketch or two on a piece of paper to work out the shapes and colors



The secret is confidence, for a project like painting glass, it’s most successful if your strokes are minimal, less is more, or your design will look forced and muddy



I often load several colors on the brush so they will mix naturally as I paint



I used a fat round brush for the hibiscus petals



The center was done with the tip end of the brush, dipped in yellow and red



The pineapple starts with 2 fat yellow strokes like parenthesis



Fill in



Add light brown strokes with a small flat square brush from left to right, on a diagonal, slightly curved



While the brown was on the brush I decided to suggest a bamboo trim around the base mimicking the trim of the hibiscus plates

The pineapple top was painted with a small tapered round brush loaded with both dark green and yellow, and dots and thin yellow stripes were added for detail



The watermelon begins with a big green & yellow  swoop for the rind



Topped with a pink triangle and black seeds with small strokes or dots



You can see the tutorial for painting watermelon chargers here, and another watermelon tutorial here



Be Fearless!

Juicy Details

to paint glass, use a paint made for painting glass that can be cured to make the piece washable

Hibiscus plates/Bed Bath & Beyond here

Pineapple, Watermelon plates/Home Goods

🏝   🌺   🏝   🌺   🏝   🌺

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42 Responses to “Fearless Friday, Tropical Glasses”
  1. thefrenchhutch says:

    I think we have a similar addition, plates. I’ve promised myself no new plates, so far so good. It’s been a long month! Love your new hibiscus plates and lovely painted glasses. I do love your mix and match with the watermelon plates. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Why would you make such a resolution???!!! You knew better when you did it! We ALL do! 😄😄 I made that same resolution 4 years in a row. Ask me how THAT’S goin’!!! 😆😆😆

  3. lulu says:

    Resisting new dishes is a challenge, especially when you go to TJ Max/Homegoods! I’m very happy to admit that I’ve come out empty handed my last two visits, but it wasn’t easy. Leave it to you to justify the purchase with one of your clever creations.

  4. Sandy Park says:

    I’m thinking the only thing missing is a pink flamingo to go with the hibiscus, pineapple and watermelon glasses. I need to know how to paint a flamingo. I just love your painting lessons. Thanks for taking me to the tropics this morning. Your “South Pacific” table is MY MOST FAVORITE TABLESCAPE EVER.

  5. Rosie M. says:

    What plate finds you have made lately, Jenna! And how perfectly you have added to their beauty with coordinating accent pieces! I’m soooo glad you added to your collection and shared it all with us. Perfect for summer!! Rosie

  6. Very funny stream of consciousness, Jenna! It all looks colorful, festive and fun!

    Johanne Lamarche


  7. chrisscheuer415 says:

    so pretty! I’m like you at Homegoods, it’s dangerous!

  8. Wow…so bright and colorful and cheery!! it must be fun to dine at your house!!

  9. Mary says:

    So fun, festive and totally justified Jenna, especially with your coordinated chargers and your paintbrush! l can so relate since I’m a confessed HomeGoods-a-holic.:)

  10. LOL You and I both need a 12 step program for plate addicts! I love the glasses….the pineapples are AH-dorable! I hope you have a great weekend!!!


  11. Kim says:

    Very cute, Jenna – and fun with your plates!

  12. I had to laugh when I read this. I’m a plate-aholic, too. Is there a support group? I need one because I have a lot of the same plates that you have here, and have two more sets coming from Pier One. Your glasses are FANTASTIC! I love the hibiscus flower and pineapple. I need to learn how to do this.

  13. Sandra Garth says:

    I’m close to the point of giving up on the resolution to not buy any more dishes, but don’t tell my kids! This post was one big love fest to summer and I love it!

  14. You are such a talented painter! You always blow me away with your creations! Now, the Home Goods, story…YEP! I am right there with you! What am I going to do with all of these dishes? EEEEEKKKK!

  15. You are adorable and I want to go shopping with you! You are an enabler and i LOVE that about you, especially when it comes to dishes. I was going to garden today (again) but now I may need to take a buying trip to Home Goods. Those dishes are adorable!

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