Fearless Friday, Cactus Friends

I have a serious thing for cactus

I love it’s funky shapes and unexpected surprises!

Painted Cactus Pot

I love all the crazy colorful blooms!

Watermelon Cactus

I have painted cactus glasses too…

Cactus Glasses tutorial here

We painted the top part of a cactus last year for Fearless Friday

Desert Flower Cactus

We also did a cactus in colored pencil

Flowering Cactus

I keep a whole section of cactus on one of my Pinterest boards

Let’s do another one!

I combined elements of the various photos

to create my own “cactus friends”

I began with a pencil sketch so I could make adjustments as needed

Once I established the composition I inked the sketch and erased the pencil

Using watercolor brush pens, I began to add color

Watercolor brush pens are handy to use

You can get a set of 48 for about $36 from Amazon here

I have the Arteza set of 96, you can get them here

I continued to add color and then blend

I deepened the darks with a teal blue

I used red and orange for the darks on the yellow blooms

Pink and orange with red for the other blooms

A battery powered hand held mini fan speeds up drying time

I got mine here

I added more details with ink

Then used blue colored pencils for the background

I wasn’t sure if I liked the background or not,

which one do you like better?

So if you’re in a colorful mood and looking for something to draw or paint

Try a cactus!

I am happy to share my saved cactus Pinterest board here

Be Fearless!


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17 Responses to “Fearless Friday, Cactus Friends”
  1. Good morning and Happy Friday, Jenna. Your cactus friends are so fun. I always enjoy seeing what you will share with us on Fearless Friday, your creativity never disappoints. Have a lovely Labor Day Weekend!

  2. Nancy says:

    Good morning dear Jenna! I always love Fearless Friday but you know I have a special place in my heart for cacti! Loved your tutorial today!
    Have a beautiful weekend!
    ~your Arizona friend! 😘🌵

    • I always think of you Nancy, when I think about cactus!! When do you head back to Arizona?My sister is there this weekend visiting her son, quite a heat wave they are having!

      • Nancy says:

        It’s too dang hot in AZ right now!

        Late September… a wee bit earlier then usual but we need to take care of some stuff.

        Hope your sister can visit in the spring… it’s beautiful then.

      • Her son just moved there, so she will go often as she only lives 4 hours away in So Cal. Enjoy your last weeks at the lake!

  3. Deb @ Mountain Breaths says:

    Happy Friday Jenna, I recently started having a thing for cactus and just ordered some “pads” that I planted in soil. They will be kept indoors for two years, and then planted in my garden where they will bloom and actually survive our Zone 5 winters. I always enjoy seeing what you will share with us on Fearless Friday. Have a nice Labor Day Weekend!

    • Oh wow, I never dreamed there would be a cactus hardy enough for a NY winter! I want to plant one at the beach house, but I don’t think it would work, we get too much rain…have a great weekend!

  4. A wonderful Friday and weekend to you Jenna! I so look forward to your Friday offerings, and this one is great. I love the painting and the process, and I also love the watermelon cactus!!!!

  5. Shelia says:

    I am so awed by anyone who is an artist as you are. The closest I came to that was giving birth to one–she is wonderful and uses her talent in art restoration. So funny that a woman who can’t even draw stick people can have a child who is so talented. I like the cactus with the background. Thanks for sharing your strokes of genius with us!–Georgia Gal

  6. thefrenchhutch says:

    Hi Jenna, love your cactus creactions for Fearless Friday. It’s always fun to see the artist in you and your lovely painting and photos. Wishing you a wonderful end of summer fun this Labor Day weekend……….

  7. You do so well with the watercolor pens. I have the artezas and they seem to either be a little dry or very difficult to blend. I keep trying though. Love your cacti — all forms, and especially the illustration!

    • Sometimes I like them and sometimes I have the same issues, dry pens or not blending, but they are handy and sometimes work well…for this painting using colored pencils helped…happy painting!

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