Fearless Friday, Cardinal

I am fascinated by cardinals,

every time I see one I feel like it’s good luck…

Today we’re going to paint one on a snowy branch with watercolor

But first,

I’ve got to share what I got for Christmas!

It’s a rolling storage bin with 6 large drawers

and it stores all my art supplies, keeping them organized,

neat, and oh so handy!

I absolutely love this cart!

{more details at the end of the post}

Ok, let’s start painting…

For this painting, start with the background first,

painting a dark swash of Prussian blue on the left,

then watering it down as you bring it across the paper

When that was dry,

I added the top of the head with Windsor & Newton Cadmium Red

A stroke to indicate the top feathers, then a stroke for the head

Next, a downward swoosh stroke for the body

Another downward stroke for his back and tail

Then filling in the head and body with a red wash

I let the paint dry between strokes because I didn’t want any bleeding

and when the red was dry

I added the beak with Windsor & Newton Cadmium Orange

I used a felt tip waterproof marker for the black area on his face

and used Windsor & Newton Burnt Umber

to make a quick stroke for the branch he’s sitting on

I indicated snowy areas with patches of Windsor & Newton Cobalt Blue

When the blue was dry,

I used a thick application of white gouache* for the snow

*gouache paint can be applied thick, like acrylic,

or it can be thinned with water to use like watercolor

I used a white gel pen to add snowflakes

and a black fine liner pen to add a few detail lines

“Cardinal on a Snowy Branch” 6″ x 5″ watercolor on 140 lb. cold pressed watercolor paper

Juicy Details:

As an Amazon Associate I may receive a small compensation for anything purchased on the links provided at no additional cost to you. All recommendations and opinions are my own

The storage bin is available on Amazon here

It’s perfect for rolling outside on pretty days,

or for rolling anywhere you want to paint or create!

I have my supplies arranged by mediums in the different drawers,

the top drawer holds my colored pencils and fine tip colored liner pens

Drawers #2 & #3 hold my markers, arranged by color families

In drawer #4 I have a set of gouache paint, and miscellaneous supplies

Drawer #5 holds my watercolor tubes and other watercolor supplies,

there’s even plenty of space for pads of paper,

brushes and towels on top of the paint tubes

The bottom drawer holds my pastels and all the supplies that go with them

If you spend some time organizing your supplies,

you will be much more productive,

and enjoy creating so much more

Here are some other ways to organize art supplies:

Tiered Art Tray

Portable Studio

Hiding in Plain Sight

Sketching Station

Have fun organizing and then start creating!

Be Fearless!

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30 Responses to “Fearless Friday, Cardinal”
  1. I know what I’m doing today! Cardinals are one of my favorites, too — especially in the snow. I like this a lot and your step outs are so helpful.

    I just realized you probably have to have double art supplies (or else plan your packing very well when you go from house to house!) Love the new cart. I always enjoy seeing how people do their art work and storage areas. The drawers are a nice plus! Have a wonderful, creative weekend!

    • Thank you Jeanie! I love to inspire! I actually do have art supplies at both houses, art supplies are my weakness, can you ever have too many 😂 The cart is wonderful because it holds everything all in the same place and I can roll it into an out of the way spot when I’m not using it. Have fun painting 🎨

  2. Julie says:

    It’s a beautiful drawing you did of the cardinal. The cart is great to keep all of your art supplies organized. Have a nice weekend Jenna.

  3. Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors says:

    Jenna, I adore cardinals, and we have several that visit our bird feeders daily. I love watching them. Your painting is just beautiful and captures their image perfectly! I know you are enjoying your Christmas gift. It looks like the perfect thing to keep your organized. My daughter loves to paint. I just may have to get her one to organize her supplies. Take care, and have a wonderful weekend!

    • Thank you Shannon, having organized supplies is such a treat and I love that I can just roll the cart away to a corner or closet when not in use 🙂 I would love to see your daughter’s art!

  4. Jenna, cardinals are so beautiful against the gray of winter and your watercolor is beautiful. I love your rolling cart, and what a fabulous Christmas gift. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Sandra Magle says:

    Jenna, How fun to paint cardinals out in the warm sunshine. Great tutorial–and the drawers look perfect for your supplies. I work in too many media…I have stuff everywhere, but am working on better organization! Hugs and Happy New Year! Sandi

  6. Anonymous says:

    Love your new cart! It looks like you’re starting the New Year off in a great way……getting organized and being creative. Love your Cardinal (it’s always fun to see how your brush strokes suddenly evolve into a beautiful picture!) You are so talented, Jenna. Thank you for sharing that talent with us!

  7. thefrenchhutch says:

    Lovely your cardinal Jenna. Love your steps, I enjoying seeing how each stroke brings the cardinal out. You have paint supplies so organized. I love how you are portable at the beach, so handy with the cart. Love how you use your supplies as art, everything looks wonderful the way you store and display. Have a wonderful weekend…….

  8. Love the cardinal Jenna! Have a beautiful weekend!

  9. pattyanneart says:

    A lovely cardinal, Jenna! ❤️ What a great way to organize your art supplies. I love that you can roll it around, that’s awesome.

  10. Ricki Treleaven says:

    Your art supplies are very organized! I am impressed! I like your cardinal, too. I also believe that cardinals are lucky….I’ve heard that they are messengers from heaven!

  11. Cyndi Raines says:

    Cardinals and Chickadees are my favorites! Love the bright red Cardinals against the pure white snow. Great painting. Happy for you with your new art cart!

  12. Mary says:

    Enjoy your new cart Jenna! I’m a fan of Cardinals and love your watercolor rendition too ♥

  13. Pat says:

    What a wonderful way to have all your art supplies organized together and so portable. I miss seeing cardinals as they don’t come to Colorado

  14. Pam says:

    What a pretty cardinal, Jenna! And I love your storage cart! I am in the process of completely re-doing my art/craft space, and it has been an ordeal. So many decisions!

  15. LydiaF1963 says:

    I love cardinals, too. It’s funny how often one shows up to life my mood when I’m experiencing a trying day.

    Your new cart should serve you well! It’s fab!

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