Fearless Friday, Simple Painted Snowmen

These jolly snowmen can be created with just a few brushstrokes

Here’s how they look on stemware

If you paint on glass or dishware,

you must use paint made for glassware

These are the types of brushes I used to paint them

These are the 3 designs we’ll be painting today

“Happy Snowmen” have their heads thrown back,

with arms in the air,

welcoming the snowfall ❄️

There are four snowmen on the glasses,

2 with earmuffs and red and white stripe scarves

and 2 with red scarves with green dots and no hats

I used black paper for this demo so the white would stand out

Start with a “c” stroke, using a round brush

then stroke a backwards “c”

and fill in the middle forming a circle for the head

Next make a bigger circle for the body and add arms

with a quick upward stroke with a liner brush

{I used brown so it would show on the paper, but I used black on the glasses}

The earmuffs are painted with a cluster of green dots

{I used a mix of lime green and grass green}

and a thin stroke above the head to connect them

The scarf is painted with 1 stroke on the neck,

and one stroke over and down with a flat square or filbert brush

A quick stroke with a small pointed brush

is all that’s needed for the carrot nose, white stripes and black mouth

The dot snow and buttons are made by dipping the handle tip

{opposite of the brush end}

into paint and then applying it to the paper or surface

The “Snowman with Hat and Scarf” was painted with the same strokes,

and the hat brim was added with a quick stroke

of the small pointed brush loaded with a lot of paint for a slightly thicker line

I used the larger flat square brush for the hat

I used brown for his hat so it would show up on this dark paper

but I like black for his hat as it is on the glass

The “Snowmen Trio” is just another version of the others,

a slightly different mix of the basic strokes

Three slightly different hats and scarves, carrot noses and pink cheeks

This trio has coal eyes but no mouths

You can combine any of the elements you want

to make your own original snowmen!

You can paint them on glasses, plates, paper, canvas, wood,

anything goes!

“Looking Up” tutorial here

I have lots of snowmen available in my Society 6 Shop too!

Merry Snowman Winter Cardinal

Holiday Snowman Looking Up

Have some snowy fun and …

Be Fearless!

Juicy Details

There are many different glass paints available, this is the set I use from Amazon here. They’re good quality, and can be used for other things besides glass too

This brush set is very affordable and has the recommended brushes I mentioned here

As an Amazon Associate I may receive a small commission from anything purchased on the links in this post at no additional cost to you

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29 Responses to “Fearless Friday, Simple Painted Snowmen”
  1. Snowmen (and women) are always so happy! They make everyone smile!

  2. Jenna, the jolly snowmen are too cute painted on the glasses, they do bring smiles. Your tutorial makes it look so easy that maybe I could even do it. Hoping for a little sunshine today, Happy Friday!

  3. Martha says:

    These are so cute! I don’t know how you do it. I can go step by step and mine would look like a Kindergartener did them lol!

  4. l says:

    So darn cute. You always make painting look so easy. Happy little snowmen to brighten our day. Happy weekend Jenna.

  5. Chloe Crabtree says:

    Thanks for the wonderful tutorial! Your snowmen have such personality! I love that happy one so much! Since I live in Florida, that is how I would be if I were out in the snow!

  6. I’ve never thought this about anyone before, but . . . “your joy comes through in the face of your snowmen.” Stay warm!

  7. Jenna, these snowmen are just delightful! How happy they are, and thank you for showing how we can paint them at home. I love them! I might paint them on a set of glasses for each of my friends, as I miss getting together with them so much. So fun. xo Lidy

  8. Every single one is a gem, Jenna. So happy and fun and just so darned cheerful! They couldn’t help but make someone smile with joy!

  9. Rosie M. says:

    OMG, Jenna, all of these snowmen are soooo cute!!! I really am tempted to give the “Happy Snowman” a try. He looks so happy and I smiled while reading this whole post. Thank you, for all you do to make those of us who are essentially unartistic the courage to at least try to pretend we can pick up a brush and create something so special!

    • Rosie, your comments are always so special, and it is my joy to share art and encourage others…I hope you do try, art is basically just shapes and colors, and snowmen are lots of fun!

  10. lghiggins says:

    So cute on glasses!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ms Jenna you’ve become such a good friend
    every morning your waiting on me with such
    uplifting art. it’s such a joy and pleasure, thank
    you for getting me through this lonesome ,depressing
    virus. You are my joy that carries me through the day.
    I appreciate you so much.

    • oh goodness, thank you, it really makes me happy to know I am helping! Being able to visit through blogging has really helped me these past months too, and art is a great escape no matter you create it or just enjoy it!

  12. Ricki Treleaven says:

    So adorbs! It has seemed cold enough for snow here lately. I was so happy to see the sun today!!! I’ve been outside most of the day.

    Your little snowmen are making me smile this afternoon, Sweetie!

  13. Mary says:

    Adorable, happy snowmen Jenna! They always make me smile! ♥

  14. pattyanneart says:

    I love how you paint on glass Jenna. You are so creative and the snowmen are so cute!! ❄️😊⛄️

    • Thanks so much Patty Anne, I had a glass painting business for 10 years, selling to gift shops all over the South, it was great fun and made me a better painter when I retired to do other things.

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