Creations, Spring Things!

These past few winter days have made many of us a little crazy…

In the South there’s a famous saying

So I’m embracing crazy today with crazy Spring recipes and crafts,

it’s time to have some fun!

Hop into Spring with a Cottontail Cocktail,

it’s made with cake flavored vodka {or milk for a no alcohol version}

cream of coconut, vanilla ice cream 😋

Make a Crazy Daisy Wreath to chase those winter blues away!

Serve up a Crazy Spring Radish Pizza,

topped with fresh radish slices, asparagus, salami or prosciutto,

it’s crazy good!

And how about a Crazy Good Broccoli Salad,

this might be my favorite salad

Or get crazy and serve a Spring Thanksgiving dinner,

smoked turkey with white BBQ sauce and shortcut sides

And you’ve got to have a crazy cake for dessert…

like this Bird’s Nest Cake

I have always been crazy for carrots,

and love to decorate with them in the Spring

You can see lots of carrot decor here

You could make a Spring Chick Baskets to delight a friend,

full of springtime goodies

I got a little crazy with the beach house tree this week

I tucked in a Fanciful Bunny

And also a duck

A bigger Fanciful Bunny is sitting at the base with his big sparkling blue egg

This crazy fun was a nice distraction from the cold temps outside!

I’m going to leave you with another Southern saying…

I hope you’re staying safe, happy and warm,

and it’s ok to go a little crazy sometimes!

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38 Responses to “Creations, Spring Things!”
  1. Ann Woleben says:

    Love this colorful, fun-filled post! Another rainy day here in coastal Virginia~

  2. It’s snowing right now and we have over 5″ on the ground in less than 2 hours!!! I’m ready for some spring too Jenna! I love the crazy saying:@)

  3. I agree with Ann, this post is filled with fun and color! Jenna, I think broccoli salad might also be my favorite. The beach tree is so cute dressed in Easter fashion, love it. It is rainy and dreary, but your post brought a ray of sunshine this morning! Happy Thursday!!

  4. Mary says:

    Love your crazy fun post this morning Jenna! We’ve had a crazy amount of rain lately, glad we have a boat. 😉 Stay warm ♥

  5. Julie says:

    What a fun crazy post Jenna. I love all of the recipes and the tree is so adorable and perfect when spring arrives. Hope you stay cozy and warm.

  6. That daisy wreath looks so darned cheerful! At this time of year we need things that remind us of spring and boy, that’s perfect!

  7. Martha says:

    What a fun post! I love the first crazy quote. Everything looks beautiful and delicious. Your Easter tree is adorable!

  8. Nancy says:

    What fun this is my friend! Wait… it’s “Crazy Fun!” So colorful and has me thinking about getting my Spring Stuff out!
    Stay warm and Stay Safe and enjoy your Crazy Day! 😉

  9. Such cute ideas! I for one am going a bit stir-crazy in never-ending rain!

  10. thefrenchhutch says:

    LOL, love all your beautiful crazy here. With all this crazy weather anything goes! Stay warm and safe……..

  11. I had to laugh at the green post—Crazy…love it! Sandi

  12. “Cottontail Cocktail” wins best name of the day and the birds nest cake wins cutest dessert! Stay sane, warm and dry!

  13. I think I need to invite a little crazy to my porch and make a batch of cocktails and broccoli salad! Spring, please come soon!

  14. Cyndi Raines says:

    You crazy girl! 😄 Love your fun-loving, free crazy spirit! We were just dumped on with 15″ inches of snow and 3″ -5″ more coming tonight. I can appreciate your crazy fun. I need to get on board to drive some of the winter blues away! Hehe Thanks Jenna!

  15. Shelia says:

    This was just what I needed for this rainy cold day over here in Georgia–your post cheered me up. And your quote sent me looking for a few more–“His cornbread ain’t done in the middle,” or “She’s a sweet old lady, but yeah, she’s definitely half a bubble off plumb,” and one I heard the other day while watching the movie Class Action with Gene Hackman—Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (who was playing his daughter) referred to someone a bit confused as someone who was “a few sandwiches short of a picnic.” I can assure you that ALL these expressions fit my relatives . . . on both sides.– Georgia Gal

  16. Ricki Treleaven says:

    I love your tree!!!! It is adorable. I’m trying to ignore the cake because I gave-up sweets for Lent. Day three and I’m not a happy camper! Make me a cake for Easter, Jenna! ;P

  17. Such a fun and colorful posts. Love the bunny and duck beach tree. Darling cake with a nest. Your carrot decor is so sweet. I always adore your doodles as well. Have a lovely weekend.

  18. mhhwarmcozy says:

    Jenna, you make me laugh with your southern saying.
    I’ve got crazy in my life right now, but as a Yankee gal, I slamming the door – then reaching for a drink 🙂
    One way or another we all end up drinking.

  19. marilyn1998 says:

    Sorry this is so late! Thank you for sharing at #OverTheMoon. Pinned and shared. Have a lovely week. I hope to see you at next week’s party too! Please stay safe and healthy. Come party with us at Over The Moon! Catapult your content Over The Moon! @marilyn_lesniak @EclecticRedBarn

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