Fearless Friday, Sunflower in Different Mediums

I have been experimenting a bit with gouache paint

and decided to paint a sunflower

Gouache is a paint similar to watercolor, but it is opaque

rather than transparent like watercolor

You don’t have to worry about leaving white areas for highlights

as you do with watercolor,

because white gouache can be applied on top of other colors

when it is applied with minimal water

Then I painted the same sunflower with watercolor

Let’s compare them, watercolor on the left

and gouache on the right

They are quite similar except for the center dots,

which were done with black in the watercolor painting

and white in the gouache painting

Then I decided to try the same flower with Tombow dual brush pens

These markers can be used alone or blended out with water

I started by drawing the petal shapes with the marker tip

then applied more yellow where I knew I wanted deep color,

where the petals meet the center

Next I drew the stem and added orange

I added dark brown for the center and blended it out with water

More water and more blending

It is hard to make sharp lines disappear with this type of marker

The finished flower

Next I decided to do it one more time with alcohol markers

I am currently using a set of Ohuhu markers

I like them very much and

they are much more affordable than pricey Copic markers

You can get a set of 72 with case for $60 on Amazon right now

Let’s compare the 2 sunflowers done with markers

Alcohol markers on the left and watercolor markers right

All 4 of the sunflowers below look very similar~

I like the alcohol marker version the best,

mainly because I think the shapes and placement of the parts are better

than the the other versions

Last year we did a sunflower in pastel

It’s fun to try the same subject using different mediums

The sunflowers below were done with colored pencil

If you’re a beginning artist, try sunflowers,

they are an easy and colorful way to build your confidence

I have several tutorials here, here and here

Have some sunflower fun and

Be Fearless!

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18 Responses to “Fearless Friday, Sunflower in Different Mediums”
  1. I like the water colour the most. Happy Friday, Jenna.

  2. I love doing sunflowers. You’re right — they’re a wonderful thing to paint — colorful, easy shapes. I couldn’t pick a favorite here, for they all have some unique characteristics. I do like the blue paper on the pastel, though. Adds depth and the colors pop all the more.

  3. Barbara at Mantel and Table says:

    Wow Jenna! I love to see the same subject in all the different mediums – you did a fabulous job with all of them. And even though I’m not an artist, it was fun to hear about the attributes of each one. Fascinating!

  4. lghiggins says:

    Amazing–and who doesn’t love a sunflower in any medium?😀

  5. Rita C. says:

    I love the alcohol version, Jenna. It seems to appear sharper. But, I love them all, really.

  6. Thanks Rita, have a great weekend!

  7. I love sunflowers and I have a few that are blooming, with more on the way, yay! All mediums are beautiful, but I choose the alcohol version because it is vivid! Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Marvelous sunflower art!

  9. I have once again learned something new today! I had no previous knowledge of gouache paint! Beautiful!

  10. Mary says:

    So pretty Jenna! I love the alcohol markers too! 🌻

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