Tales of the Traveling Tote, June 2023

Happy June!

It’s time to share more adventures of our Traveling Tote!

We are a group of 10 that share a love of MacKenzie-Childs

We all have the same large Courtly Check tote bag

We post about where our totes have been every 3 months

and host a giveaway

We also have names for our totes

My tote, Miss Coquille, and I

have enjoyed a lovely Spring~

Spring sprung at my house when my son saw these hydrangeas

It was only early March but they were so pretty he got them anyway~

When cold nights were predicted, we covered them and they were fine

and are still blooming beautifully today

They are planted in the pots by the front door

and Miss Coquille insisted on getting a closer look

Aren’t they gorgeous?

She also insisted on having her picture taken

with the St. Patrick’s Day tiered tray in the foyer

because the MacKenzie-Childs tray is one of her “cousins”

St. Patrick’s Day is CC’s birthday and this year

she wanted to have a sleepover party

She picked out a design from my Society 6 Shop

and asked me to add a special hashtag to it

Miss Coquille & I delievered them to her in time for her party

DD set up the downstairs playroom for the sleepover

Each girl had a mattress,

a t-shirt and a pillow with their name on it

In late March our family all headed down

to the beach house for Spring Break

The temps were so warm the mornings were usually very foggy

But eventually the sun would burn the fog off

We often see dolphins swimming by in front of our house

so the Dolphin sight seeing boats come by often

The pool was heated and the kids loved playing in the pool

They are always up for a trip to the ice cream shoppe!

Super Boy is an avid fisherman and caught a big sheephead off the pier

After a fun week, it was back to the city for Easter

We enjoyed an Easter buffet and had an Easter egg hunt

We started having Kentucky Derby parties several years ago

and I was thrilled when the weather forecast was perfect

for setting up the TV on the patio to watch the race

I made Kentucky Derby Hat straws to garnish the ladies drinks

Miss Coquille was content, she is happy relaxing at home

and entertaining family and friends

Another simple buffet was again set up in the kitchen

conveniently located right by the patio for easy access

Before we knew it, May had flown by, school was out

and we we headed to the beach for Memorial Day weekend

and staying the week after

The first thing I did was put the bunnies away and get out the flags!

it wasn’t long before we were settled in

and the kids were back in the pool!

We have a good friend that loves to come over and fly his drone

In the next photo you can see the bay

that is on the backside of our island

Memorial Day weekend marks the opening of

Snapper fishing season in the Gulf

Our group was quite successful!

Dolphin {mahi mahi} was caught too

There was much swimming of course

The pier gets a lot of action too

No need to go anywhere, there is plenty of entertainment right here!

On Memorial Day the guys had an all day fishing trip

They went on a friend’s boat because our big boat needs some repairs

Watching them get ready is fascinating, look at all those coolers!

Another very successful trip!

5 red snapper and 22 dolphin = 54 fish filets!

Miss Coquille and I are quite content sitting on the porch

and watching boats go by!

In a few days it will be time to head back to the city for a few weeks

and then we’ll be back again for the 4th of July!

Be sure to visit Sarah and leave a comment to enter our June giveaway!

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36 Responses to “Tales of the Traveling Tote, June 2023”
  1. Oh what a wonderful wandering tote! Summer fun has begun.

  2. Ricki Treleaven says:

    You have been busy, My Friend! First of all, the hydrangeas are the most beautiful shade of pink ever! 😀 I love the darling idea for the sleepover: The t-shirts were a hit I’m sure! I always enjoy seeing posts about Ono Island. I also must comment on your new pier with the little holes in it. Brilliant design for storms! So far, it’s been a bountiful fishing season for your guys. How wonderful! Freshly caught seafood from the gulf is the best! Maybe we can have lunch with Emily before you go back to the beach.

    • Thank you Ricki Jill, I flipped when he brought those hydrangeas home, the color is amazing! The pier is supposed to be hurricane proof now, the holes let the water through so if it rises over the pier, the pier will stay in place rather than float away. Fingers crossed we won’t have to test it for a while! Yes, we need to have lunch soon!

  3. Sarah says:

    Jenna, your life looks full and exciting! The fishing excursion must have been amazing! Love seeing the hydrangeas, the sleepover, and all the fresh caught seafood. I’m hungry!

  4. Such a fun time for all Jenna. Your beach house is perfect for the family. Plenty of great fishing, swimming and wonderful food. I love how you have themes. The sleepover is a darling idea with each girl having their own mattress, t-shirt and pillow. You are enjoying a lovely life, paradise at it’s best.

  5. Oh Jenna, you’ve had such a fun filled and exciting spring! I love the hydrangeas your son brought home. They are such a beautiful way to welcome your guests. I always enjoy seeing your vignettes in the foyer and the St. Patrick’s Day MC tiered stand is lovely. Looks like a fun sleep-over your granddaughter had for her birthday. She’s very creative like her grandmom with the tees, just adorable. The Kentucky Derby party and spread must have been fun to host, love those hat straws. Great pics of your beach house on the island from the drone. It is such a lovely area in Orange Beach. Enjoy your week at the beach. I’ll call you when we return from the beach, we need to plan our next lunch with RJ. Happy summer Jenna………

    • Thank you Emily, just simple normal things, but that’s what I love! Our friend’s drone is so cool, he can fly it from our yard out over the ocean for quite a few miles and show us pics, we even saw sharks swimming right off the beach! I’m so glad you are going to the beach, the weather has been so nice this week, not too hot yet!

  6. Pam says:

    Jenna, I love all of your family activities and celebrations! CC’s birthday was darling! Red snapper is my favorite dish. I can just imagine HHjr’s expertise in preparing. You are certainly a fabulous hostess with a gift of hospitality! Happy Thursday!

  7. Mary says:

    Jenna, Those pillow cases and t-shirts are such a cute idea and party favor for Charlotte’s friends! Love seeing the catch(es) of the day and week! My fisherman hubby just got back from a spring fishing trip to OBX would be jealous with the snapper and maui haul. I’m intrigued by the surface (or mat?) on your dock… is it for shedding water or protection from the UV rays? Happy June ♥

    • Thank you Mary! The pier is made with a mesh like wood/plastic so when the water levels rise during storms, the water goes right through instead of causing the pier to break off and float away, so it’s supposed to be hurricane proof. Fingers crossed it doesn’t get tested for a long time!!

  8. Rita C. says:

    Honestly, Jenna, who needs to go ANYwhere other than toggling between your two homes?! Fabulous shots with the drone, and seeing the kids in action at the pool. Super Boy is looking more like Super Man these days, gosh! And the fishing catch are amazing. CC’s party looked like a perfect party. Who knew guests get gifts – and such great ones – like CC’s friends did. Those were great.Your KY Derby party looked like my kind of food fare, and I bet the entire family is looking forward to more parties, whether city or beach. I know I would! Happy [unofficial] summer!

  9. I am loving the tale of Miss Coquille so very creative! Cheers to your family celebrating and enjoying the good life!

  10. lghiggins says:

    I always look forward to your Tales of the Traveling Tote. You do an excellent job of summarizing your 3 months. Your granddaughter has your flair for hospitality and party planning!

  11. Marion says:

    Thank you for sharing all of your traveling adventures.

  12. Bernadette says:

    Thank you Miss Coquille for sharing your spring. I look forward to reading about your summer adventures. Jenna must love those beautiful grandchildren to the moon and back!

  13. Debra R CANTALES says:

    Oh my goodness Jenna, I am so intrigued with the fish that were caught. We are used to lake fish (trout, etc.) and I’m hoping to fish for northerns this summer with a fake frog. I am happy to have my photo taken and then release the fish after I squeal with delight. I’m sure the pillow cases and t-shirts were a big hit for party favors for Charlotte’s friends! I smiled when you mentioned your son picked up hydrangeas, and they look great. The derby straws are so darling, and my guests loved them as well. Have a wonderful summer, and I look forward to hearing about Miss Coquille and her tales in September.

    • Thank you Deb, my guys LOVE to fish, they’ve been fishing everyday this week! I’m not interested in fishing, too messy and smelly for me! As for Summer adventures, they will be more of the same, just simple back and forthing between my 2 houses with family and friends. I hope you have a wonderful summer!

  14. Julie says:

    Jenna, a lot of fun celebrations for the spring. How nice to have them family at the summer house and everyone having a good time. I hope you have a wonderful summer.

  15. Nancy says:

    I loved this post! It’s always wonderful seeing all that you do with your family. From sleepovers to fishing to eating!
    The drone shots were incredible of your beach house.
    And I’ll be down for some red snapper!

  16. Kitty says:

    You and your family have such happy times both in the city and at the beach. You have the best of both worlds, Jenna. Isn’t Miss CC darling? I’ll get the girls loved their gifts. The boys sure are avid fishermen! That was so sweet of your son to buy those beautiful hydrangeas! Happy June, Jenna! 🌞

  17. That looks such fun — being at your happy place by the water with people you love and all those fish! Oh, and the party looks great, and the t-shirts too. What a happy post, Jenna! On to June!

  18. What a fun time for your Traveling Tote! You and your family sure have fun! I didn’t know you had a shop! I popped over to Society 6, and I LOVE it! You have the most beautiful designs – I’m starting my list right now! Thanks so much for sharing all the fun with us – I love to see what you and Miss Coquille are up to. Take care till next time!

    • Thanks Barbara! I love Society 6, it’s so much fun to see photos transformed into so many different items! You are going to enjoy making your own, and it’s a great source for gifts!

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