Tales of the Traveling Tote, Winter Days

Happy March! Time for Tales of the Traveling Tote, our quarterly stories of our recent adventures with our favorite MacKenzie-Childs tote bags This feels frivolous with what’s going on in the world but I have learned that it is important to retain a sense of normalcy in times of crisis and I pray that peace … Continue reading

Tales of the Traveling Tote December!

Happy December! It’s time for another Tale of the Traveling Tote! My traveling tote tribe and I all have the same large Courtly Check MacKenzie-Childs tote We share our tote travels and adventures quarterly and celebrate with a giveaway from MacKenzie-Childs Our totes all have names, and my tote, Miss Coquille {French for seashell} is … Continue reading

Tales of the Traveling Tote September

This has been a challenging week, watching the devastation from Hurricane Ida and praying we don’t have damage on the Alabama Gulf Coast- the storm was just a wind and rain event for both of my homes and we are grateful Thank you for your thoughts and prayers… It’s September 1, Time for another Tale … Continue reading

Tales of the Traveling Tote, Fall Frolics and Hurricane Headaches

Welcome to the December edition of Tales of the Traveling Tote! This MacKenzie-Childs loving tribe shares the adventures we’ve had with our Courtly Check totes every 3 months and we celebrate with a giveaway! It is hard to imagine a mere 3 months ago, Sept 1 2020, Miss Coquille, Hello Gorgeous and I were getting … Continue reading