The Organized Life, Small Space Solutions

  Are you cleaning and purging and organizing and dieting and exercising and reading more and sleeping more and doing all the standard New Year’s resolution things???       hmmmm…       Even though I have a laundry list of things I want to do this winter, if art is involved it’s a … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Decorative Letter

I was back in my studio this week, and very happy to be there… 💃 Yay, space to paint and get messy!!     After finishing a large commissioned painting and getting it shipped off, I celebrated by doing this fun quick project that anyone can do     Get an oversized letter like this … Continue reading

The Organized Life, My Dream Studio

Whether you are a professional or an amateur, whether you work in an office or at home, your environment has a lot to do with your productivity, your creative process, and your happiness I was inspired by  WeWork, working spaces that are dreamy, gorgeous, yet affordable, because they are shared office spaces. What a great … Continue reading

The Organized Life, Art Studio Secrets, hiding in plain sight

The question I get most often is, “How do you do it?”  The answer is simple, but easier said than done… “Organize and stay organized.” My studio is in my kitchen so I have to keep it neat.  It is technically the breakfast nook, but as my children grew, and with other places to dine … Continue reading