Gifts from the Kitchen, Raid the Pantry Cracker Toffee

Who can resist a bite of a homemade sweet treat… This super easy recipe can be adapted to what you have in your pantry! I rate this recipe Triple D Decadent, Dangerous & Delicious! You can use any kind of rectangular or square crackers you have on hand, Graham crackers, saltines, club crackers Any combo … Continue reading

Gifts from the Kitchen, Coal Candy

Have you been good this year? Santa’s watching you know… And he has a large supply of coal! The elves make it for him They melt chocolate and butterscotch chips Then they add peanut butter They stir it until smooth Then they pour in the nuts* *they also make peanut free coal by substituting chex … Continue reading

the Organized Life, recipe failure & success!

Anyone that cooks regularly and tries new things knows this dirty little secret, sometimes recipes turn out badly!  AGHHH! I hate it when that happens!  Cooking is basically a scientific experiment, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t…I have even had tried and true recipes bomb…so you have to laugh it off and move … Continue reading