Party Panache, Ditzy Ritz

This is one of those recipes that made me want to immediately run to the store to get the ingredients You know, an OMG I HAVE TO EAT THAT NOW type recipe 😋 Salty, buttery, flavorful, crispy, crunchy, crackers! 5 minutes to prep Pour the butter mixture over the crackers in a large ziplock plastic … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Gold Medal Wonton Chips

Are you going to be watching the Summer Olympics?  They start in just a few days, and you’re going to need something to nosh on… These baked wonton “chips” have an international appeal, Asian wonton wrappers, spiced up with Everything Seasoning, Italian Parmesan cheese and good old American 🇺🇸  extra sharp Cheddar, a gold medal … Continue reading

the Organized Life, recipe failure & success!

Anyone that cooks regularly and tries new things knows this dirty little secret, sometimes recipes turn out badly!  AGHHH! I hate it when that happens!  Cooking is basically a scientific experiment, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t…I have even had tried and true recipes bomb…so you have to laugh it off and move … Continue reading