Tablescapes, From Stars & Stripes to Crabs & Starfish!

  I hope you all are having a wonderful July!         My family celebrated our country’s birthday dining on our traditional favorites, BBQ ribs, corn on the cob, and Summer Squash casserole       We had 4th of July Cheesecake Pie And watched fireworks light up the sky over the Gulf … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Tater Crabs

Have you noticed homemade Tater Tots are all the rage lately?     Sounds like something fun to try…     Grate parboiled potatoes and mix then with a little flour and seasoning and form them into tots     Just smash the potato mixture in the palm of your hand to compact the shape … Continue reading

Creations, Feelin’ Crabby?

Feelin’ Crabby? I usually paint crabs blue with a hint of turquoise, and orange claws To make these chargers go with my crab plates I reversed the colors and made the crabs orange with just touches of blue To paint a crab start with a blue swirl, mixing just a touch of royal blue with … Continue reading