Take-out Tuesday, EZ Ranch Hashbrown Casserole

We do a lot of cooking at the beach house but we don’t spend much time in the kitchen I am always on the looking for fast prep recipes so I can get back to the fun This potato casserole can be assembled in 5 minutes and it will be devoured! Stir the dry ranch … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Christmas Confetti Potato Tart

For Christmas I wanted to make you a special surprise I had an idea floating around in my mind A perfect hashbrown potato crust tart full of ham and cheese and wondrous things When things are hectic and you are feeling upside down what could be better than a dish that can be served for … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Irish dinner

Being in the St. Patrick’s Day mood around here right now, we decided to have an “Irish” dinner of lamb chops, potatoes and asparagus.  Potatoes are such an Irish staple, and lamb or mutton is common too.  I wasn’t sure about asparagus, but it was green! HHjr was cooking this meal and his favorite way … Continue reading