Party Panache, Summer Ladies Luncheon

Summer has arrived with a bang in the South, it is hot hot hot! Let’s keep cool today and have a fancy lunch inside I have been enjoying the flower filled Painted Birdhouse as a Summer centerpiece in the foyer It is the perfect spot to enjoy a cool Summer luncheon… Here is the menu … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Mini Smorgastorta

It’s fun discovering new words and terms in the culinary world, and now words like panini, gyro, frittata are commonly known… Just about everybody knows what a quesadilla is, but have you ever had a Peach & Prosciutto Quesadilla? You can probably guess what tartlette means, bite size tarts like these Rosemary Mixed Nut Tartlettes … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Bird Nest Pies

We had these for Easter dessert Just like 7 layer bars, except in pie form! Such a simple sweet bite, sure to please any little birdie! Cut out 2″ circles from a refrigerated pie dough round You should be able to get 24 from 1 round by re-rolling the scraps Fill each pie with 4 … Continue reading

Gifts from the Kitchen, Veggie Cream Cheese

I know, I’ve been on an extreme veggie kick lately! I can’t help it with everything growing and blooming…we are going to plant a raised garden in our backyard this year! Okay, so in my endless quest for more veggies I decided to make some homemade veggie cream cheese. It’s so much better than commercial … Continue reading