Take-out Tuesday, Spinach & Watermelon Summer Salad

We had a delayed Memorial Day celebration with our family, the boys wanted to come the following weekend instead for the grand opening of snapper season, so we had a “Memorial Day Delay” They were very successful! Red Snapper season is a very big deal on the Alabama Gulf Coast, it is limited to weekends … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Annual Friends & Family Weekend

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful Dads! We are celebrating Father’s Day with our Annual Friends and Family weekend, with our BFFs plus our son who will be without his little sidekicks as they are away at camp My son is the head chef on beach weekends and together we planned the menu, keeping … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Remember When

Remember when there was a phone booth on every corner And a newspaper on the front lawn Now it’s all cell phones and computers Those old days are gone Campaigns slogans were promising a “Chicken in every Pot!” Now it’s Immigration, Abortion, Oil Pipe line or not~ Remember when you’d write a note, just pick … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Burgers and Blue Moons

Things got back to normal quickly after the flooding on the coast last week. What a difference a day makes! In 24 hours most of the water had receded and things were drying out, thank goodness!! Crazy Mother Nature! Unfortunately so many people did have damage and a mess but in some places it was … Continue reading