Fearless Friday, “Perfume”

Glass has always fascinated me, I have collected unusual pieces, I had a painted glassware business for 15 years, and now I am determined to learn to capture the magic of glass with watercolor Let’s paint this pretty perfume bottle today The reference photo is from Unsplash, a free photo reference library I started with … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Copycat Poppies

A great way to learn painting is by copying  others   The watercolor on the left is from Fluidcolors.  I love the way the artist faded the receeding poppies into the shadowy background, and I copied the artist’s style and composition {right}     Copying is a great way to experiment and try out new … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Photo Effects & A Blue Bottle

You have to be fearless to paint glass, it’s tricky!     I decided to “paint” the bottle with some computer effects first     Clockwise from large original photo, PicMonkey sketch effect top right, PicMonkey levels effect middle right, PicMonkey burst effect lower right, PicMonkey posterize effect bottom middle, Waterlogue watercolor painting, lower left … Continue reading