Tales of the Traveling Tote, A Busy Spring and Happy June!

I belong to a group of MacKenzie-Childs loving bloggers

that all have this same fabulous tote

Our totes all have names

I named my tote Miss Coquille {French for seashell}

because most of my travels are to and from the beach house

We share our tote travels and adventures quarterly

and give away something from MacKenzie-Childs

We live all over the USA and have many different interests,

but our MacKenzie-Childs love has bonded us like sisters!

Let’s get traveling!

Oh what a different June this is from last year!

We don’t have to wear masks all the time,

we can travel, we can shop,

we can meet, gather, party and eat!

Our Spring was full of birthday parties ~

all 4 of my grands have Spring birthdays

My tote, “Miss Coquille,”

had fun carrying presents and party decorations

CC’s March birthday party was held at an art studio

They had a painting lesson and then enjoyed cake in a party room

The theme was bunnies

Miss Coquille toted my MKC Easter bunnies for the table

We spent Spring Break on the coast,

the weather was mild enough for the boys

to paddle board and kayak

We’re still waiting for the pier to be rebuilt

after Hurricane Sally took it out last fall,

but we can tie a boat to the pilings

to use when we’re here

As the crow flies,

our beach house is only about 30 miles from

the Pensacola FL Naval Air Station,

home of the incredible Blue Angels

We often see sights in the skies flying by,

like the Blue Angels or this fleet of helicopters

We celebrated Easter with family and close friends

on the patio with tulips

and a Spring Charcuterie Spread

We love to entertain,

and after fully vaccinated

we couldn’t wait to make the most of every weekend

We had a Master’s Golf Tournament party the week after Easter

I set a buffet up on the kitchen island

with golf themed things and Augusta National souvenirs

The weather was mild

so we were able to watch Saturday’s round

on the patio with golf loving friends

I served Pimiento Cheese Canapes~

{The Master’s is famous for their pimiento cheese sandwiches}

and some new recipes,

Magic Mini Meatball Muffins

and Strawberry Cheesecake Cookie Cups

They were a big hit with everyone

Mid April was time for Charlie Brown’s karate birthday

{he’s front and center in the white karate outfit}

Miss Coquille toted gifts to the party

and I watched the lesson with the moms and grandmoms

The children were adorable!

We “traveled” to a favorite local garden center

and got gardening supplies to brighten up the yard

I went to Hobby Lobby for the 1st time in 14 months

I found this fabulous frog

that I painted to look like MKC’s Fergal the Frog

We had another patio gathering to watch

the fastest 2 minutes in sports, the Kentucky Derby

I loaded my tote with items needed for the buffet

and tables outside, to make setting up easy

For Mother’s Day, CC and I had a special Tea Party

for her mom, and her other Grandmother

It was quite elegant with silver, china and flowers

Miss Coquille was thrilled

to be included and surrounded by other MKC pretties

The next weekend it was time for more birthdays,

HHjr’s boys birthdays are only 4 days apart

so we had a double celebration

which included a Donut Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Pie

Miss Coquille and I went over to DD’s one afternoon

to check out her new outdoor kitchen

I’m looking forward to lots of cookouts on her beautiful deck

After all the May parties I tucked my laptop into my tote

and headed south to the beach house for a few weeks

Things are in full swing on the coast,

restaurants are open and people are having so much fun

The weather has been picture perfect all week,

we’ve been swimming, boating, playing in the sand…

The kids have had a lot of fun riding

on a giant raft pulled behind a friend’s boat

This is where you’ll find me most of the time,

my little corner of the porch art studio,

a table near the wall holds pencils,

pens and brushes, and a tub of water

A rolling drawer cart

is so handy to store and keep supplies organized

Each drawer is dedicated to one medium

colored pencils, markers

watercolor supplies and paint,

pastels, sketchbooks and paper

Another rolling cart holds a mini easel, palettes and towels

I can quickly roll them inside overnight or if it’s rainy

You can get the 6 drawer cart from Amazon here

Definitely my happy place!

Thank you so much for “traveling” with me today

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44 Responses to “Tales of the Traveling Tote, A Busy Spring and Happy June!”
  1. Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors says:

    Happy June, Jenna! It looks as if you and Miss Coquille have had a busy and fun packed spring! I loved reading about all of your adventures. Isn’t it so wonderful to be able to gather again! Wishing you a most beautiful day!

  2. Mary says:

    I know you’re thrilled to be able to enjoy birthday parties and celebrations again this spring Jenna! So much activity at your house and the beach! Charlie Brown is the cutest and all those boys along with CC are growing up! So glad you had wonderful weather at the coast this week. Happy June ♥

  3. Rita C. says:

    You, my dear, are the consummate at-home entertainer, whether that be at the beach or in the city! As if being able to go without a mask wasn’t enough, all the gatherings you hosted were certainly ones for the books this year. And I think my Pinterest food board is full of Painted Apron recipes! Happy June!

    • Aren’t you sweet, thank you Rita! I am so thrilled to be able to entertain again, we’ve had quite a few fun dinners with friends at the beach house too, and it’s so great not to have to wear a mask all the time!!

  4. Bonnie Morgan says:

    That white sand and water are calling my name. How beautiful it is from your deck to enjoy painting with that gorgeous view.
    I loved hearing about all the birthday parties and gatherings, all so festive. It is great to gather again. So thankful for vaccines.
    I’m crazy about the frog from Hobby Lobby you painted to look like a MCK piece. Great job.

  5. Jenna, you are our go to party girl. You entertain so effortlessly with fabulous food and tables. Your happy painting spot looks perfect. You have enjoyed a wonderful spring. It is so freeing to be out and about! Enjoy your beach time!

  6. What wonderful travels! How fun to get out and be able to have a party again.

  7. Miss Coquille has certainly been busy! I want to be your neighbor!

  8. Patricia Schaeffer says:

    I discovered your site through the Painted Apron this morning and I am having a wonderful time checking things out! The oil painting of pink peonies is my favorite (so far)
    I love your stories about Ms. Coquill.and your painted frog is adorable…..where to explore next

  9. Jenna, such a fun post. Being with family is so important. Your are the hostess with the mostess. Wonderful food. I love that you a re always ready to entertain and share your tasty creations. Your beach house is is amazing. The family must love coming to visit and enjoy the water. So glad everything is opening up and we can get back to normal. Your beach house is a perfect place to paint and sketch away. Happy June and happy summer.

  10. thefrenchhutch says:

    Jenna, you’ve been one busy girl catching up with family birthdays and celebrations. Such sweet pics of all the grands. I love seeing your lovely tables. I know how pretty your tables are in person! Your patio looks so pretty with all the flowers and the brick wall. It sure makes a pretty backdrop for Miss Coquill. The beach house looks so inviting with your art set up and the view. It is always fun seeing the Blue Angels. We saw the performance beach front in Pensacola. Glad all the repairs from the hurricane are almost completed. I hope you soon have your pier rebuilt. Happy June Jenna……..

    • Thanks so much Emily, it is so wonderful to be able to entertain again! The Blue Angels are amazing and they fly by a lot, such a treat to see them but you have to be quick, they are literally gone in a flash!

  11. You have been busy, Jenna. Here we still have to wear mask, but many restaurants, stores and public services are open..so are the schools. Love your beach house…would be really nice to spend some time with the family there during the hot summer days.
    Continue to enjoy your spring, Jenna!

    • Thanks so much Angie, the beach house is my haven for sure…I’m glad things are normalizing for you and your area, it’s so amazing to be able to do normal things again!

  12. Nancy says:

    Happy June Jenna! Life is Good for you! Your adventures are so fun… and your Beach Life is fabulous! Love seeing your family pictures. Feeling so grateful that life is finally getting back to normal again.
    Enjoy your first day of June.

  13. Sarah Anderson says:

    Jenna, all of your celebrations look fun and festive. I know you are ready for the lazy days of summer at your beach house. Knowing you, they won’t be lazy days. You are always creating and cooking or entertaining. Happy Summer!

  14. Julie says:

    I enjoyed looking at the photos of all of the places you and your bag have been to. It looks like you are off to having a great summer by the beach.

  15. I can’t decide if Miss Coquille is enormous, Miss CC is petite or the photo is an optical illusion (near the top!) The bag looks as big as her waist to head and wider than she is! It looks like a glorious catch-up with much beauty and great good fun! What a joy!

    • Miss Coquille is a good sized tote bag, so handy for traveling especially, and CC is only 8… it probably is just a weird photo angle…thanks Jeanie, it is wonderful to entertain normally again!

  16. lghiggins says:

    So fun to read of your and your tote’s adventures. You have been quite busy. It’s great to see everyone out enjoying social activities again. I don’t know how you survived without Hobby Lobby for that long, but I guess you just shopped from your own surplus. Being well stocked, whether t.p., ammunition, or art supplies is a great thing when our world is going crazy.

    • Well, good old Amazon to the rescue, they really have a great selection of just about anything from art supplies to home decor to gourmet groceries! But it’s a treat to shop in person again for sure!

  17. Ricki Treleaven says:

    You’ve definitely been busy with the grands! I love how you and your family celebrate all the things….and the tea party table looks so elegant and pretty! It’s nice that people are going out again and celebrating with family and friends. I bet it was very busy over Memorial Day Weekend at the beach. It was busy at the lake, but more people were on their docks and around their pools because it was so unseasonably cool, especially with the wind!

    • Sorry to hear the weather at the lake was cool, it was gorgeous on the coast, low to mid 80s and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many boats, everyone seems to be celebrating!

  18. Kitty says:

    It was such fun to see all your Spring photos of happy birthdays, tea party, and celebrations. Your frog turned out so cute, and I’m loving your rolling cart that’s organized by your different mediums.
    It’s so nice that you’re back at your happy beach home, Jenna. Your creativity must really be set free there.

  19. Rosie M. says:

    What a whirlwind of activities, Jenna! You are the best hostess, and I’m sure great times were had by all! Happy Summer!

  20. Deb says:

    Miss Coquille and you are the best hostesses! I always enjoy your travels to and from the beach house. Your frog turned out so cute, and I’m eyeing that tea party since we are having one for my grand-niece’s third birthday celebration. It looks like you are having wonderful celebrations and will have a great summer at the beach house. Happy June!

    • Thank you Deb, it is so wonderful to be able to entertain again! The tea party was so much fun, I hope to make it an annual Mother’s Day tradition…I hope you will post about your grand niece’s party!

  21. Jacqueline says:

    Spring is such a great time for birthdays! All three of my boys have theirs in March and I always loved it. What a difference a year makes. I am so glad things are opening up. That donut ice cream cake looks like something we need to make for a family dinner – all of the goodies in it!
    I noticed your dock right away – hoping that gets fixed sometime soon, but glad you are all still able to tie the boats up and enjoy.
    You truly have the most amazing spot for an art studio ever – I always love seeing your new paintings. You are creative in so many, many ways and we all get to enjoy that. Have a wonderful summer.

    • Thanks so much Jackie. Life is pretty much normal now except for the pier…just about every pier in Orange Beach was damaged or destroyed, so we have to be patient. Our big boat is still being repaired, with with shortages of labor and parts due to the pandemic, things are taking so much longer, but we are grateful to be able to enjoy our house, pool and small boat.

  22. Joanne says:

    I am so envious of your “happy place!”; that looks fabulous.

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