Fearless Friday, Bright Bouquet in Acrylic

Last week we tried to mimic the look

of an acrylic painting, top photo,

with markers, bottom photo

Although the end result was pretty,

I quickly learned that you can’t capture the drama of acrylic paint

with markers and paper so I couldn’t wait to try an acrylic version

I decided to do the underpainting in a salmon color

Salmon or coral is the complimentary color of teal,

{opposite color on the color wheel}

the dominant color of the painting

I started with the vase and main blooms

I decided to paint in the background

so I could paint the flowers on top of it

rather than trying to paint around them

I loaded a large flat square brush with white, teal, and Cerulean blue

and made strokes in various directions and thicknesses

over the underpainting and around the vase

The underpainting is slightly visible in places,

giving warm the painting a sort of glow

I painted the yellow blooms with a large round brush,

heavily loaded with both white and Cad yellow

The thick application gives the painting great texture and interest

“Bright Bouquet” 16″ x 20″ acrylic on canvas

It’s fun to create the same painting in different mediums,

if you want to see another example

see Pink Roses in 3 Mediums here

Remember, it is perfectly acceptable to copy the work

of another artist as long as you give them credit or source the work

The painting I used for a model

is actually a hand embellished Giclee print on canvas

It is available at High Fashion Home here

Have some creative fun and

Be Fearless!

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34 Responses to “Fearless Friday, Bright Bouquet in Acrylic”
  1. Rita C. says:

    Jenna I’m partial to the subject from which you modeled, so I like BOTH of yours. It’s fun to watch you experiment so fearlessly. Happy weekend!

  2. The colours are amazing!

  3. So beautiful! I’m yearning for the flower garden!

  4. Julie says:

    Hi Jenna, WOW! I love the way the painting looks with acrylic paints. I like how you painted the canvas a peach color and then painted the background and then the vase and flowers. It’s just beautiful. Thanks for sharing this painting tutorial. I hope you have a nice weekend Jenna.

  5. thefrenchhutch says:

    This is so interesting Jenna, different versions of the original. End results with markers and acrylic, beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. lghiggins says:

    I’ve been waiting for this post, and it is just as interesting as I thought it would be. My favorite is your acrylic–very nicely done!

  7. Rosie M. says:

    Exquisite, Jenna! The acrylic painting absolutely pops off the page. I love it!

  8. Martha says:

    Gorgeous Jenna and it amazes me how easy you make it look. If I tried to copy, I guarantee mine would look like something a preschooler did lol. Have a fantastic weekend!

  9. I like this one too, Jenna. They all have heir own unique character. And As Martha said, you make it look so easy!

  10. Nancy says:

    I love them both as they each give such beautiful looks. Nicely done!

  11. Jenna, the acrylic on canvas is so vibrant, I love it. We saw hints of spring yesterday, that makes me happy. Have a lovely weekend!

  12. pattyanneart says:

    Oh this is gorgeous, Jenna!! 😍

  13. Sara says:

    Beautiful colors!

  14. Mary says:

    Love the warmth that the salmon underpainting provides in your acrylic version Jenna! Such a happy and vibrant bouquet. β™₯

  15. Kitty says:

    I loved your marker one, but I love the acrylic one even more. It’s so vibrant and the salmon undercolor is so pretty. You do great work!

  16. I always love to see your wonderful art Jenna – this one is really great, as I particularly love the same thing in different ways. They’re both beautiful! Thanks for letting me paint vicariously through your posts! πŸ™‚

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