Fearless Friday, Bottle Vase

I have a thing for pretty bottles,

and love to save them for future crafts and creations

And guess what?

You don’t have to be a skilled artist to paint one…

it’s just simple shapes and colors!

I started with this flat sided oval liqueur bottle

and painted it with a coat of white chalk paint

If you’re not familiar with chalk paint, it is magical stuff

It often covers objects with just one coat

and it dries very quickly

I use a small round palette dish covered with recycled foil

Easy clean up, toss away the foil when finished

NOTE: If you still have wet paint leftover on your palette, give it a spritz of water, cover with more foil and refrigerate. The paint will stay viable for a day or two

I like to load my paint brush with several colors

so when I make a stroke

the colors form interesting blends

Quick loose strokes with a large round brush

form the petals of a big bloom

such as a rose or peony

Next I added a daisy type bloom in yellow and orange

Simple curving stems


I didn’t have a plan or use a model,

I just made it up as I went along,

but you could certainly do a rough painting or sketch first

to practice your strokes or plan your design

Next I added large and small dots

Use the top end of your brush handle,

dip it in paint and then place the dot where you want it

to make easy small dots

I’m having a lot of fun with my new bottle vase!

Upcycle a bottle and…

Be Fearless!

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23 Responses to “Fearless Friday, Bottle Vase”
  1. Mary says:

    Your blooming bottle is so colorful and cheery Jenna! Love the whimsy and addition of the dots! Happy Friday. ♥

  2. I’ll have to try the color loading with watercolor. I don’t think it will work nearly so well as with the texture of acrylic but it’s worth a shot because the effect is great. This bottle is really cute. I forget about chalk paint and it’s so versatile. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Thank you Jeanie! I don’t know how well color loading a brush would work with watercolor, I think it would be better to build color variety with separate layers of color…but who knows, watercolor does what it wants to do anyway! 😂

  3. This is so much fun! Love all the color you bring to the world Jenna!

  4. Kari says:

    So pretty Jenna I love it and so easy to do. And I love chalk paint.hugs my friend

  5. Excellent job with bottle vase ! I love the bright colour.

  6. This is bloomin’ adorable. Good project for all ages.

  7. lghiggins says:

    Very colorful and festive. It would go well with my Mexican decor.

  8. Jenna, I love your floral bottle. Chalk paint is amazing and fun to
    use. Dots add so much, I would never have thought they would make a difference, but they give it a wow! Happy weekend’

  9. thefrenchhutch says:

    Jenna, your blooming vase spreads summertime and sunshine! It is lovely……..

  10. Oh how I wish I had your talent, Jenna, it’s beautiful!

  11. NikiLEOwife says:

    So pretty! I love how you upcycled a pretty, unique bottle to create lovely decor. Thanks for sharing on Crafty Creators!
    Niki ~ Life as a LEO Wife

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