Fearless Friday, Fun with Flowers

Last week we painted a simple Bird on a branch with watercolor One of my good friends and a loyal reader, Leslie Anne Tarabella was inspired by this painting and wrote a special post about it The Lovely Layered Life Leslie Anne is a talented published author, Please pop over to her blog here and … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Abstract Zinnias with markers

Let’s have some fun with zinnias today! Zinnias are such fun and colorful flowers~ I collected some images from Pinterest and from Pam’s beautiful garden I loved the painting style by Ali Kay on the top left in the above collage and decided to do my zinnias with a similar abstract style and use markers … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Bottle Vase

I have a thing for pretty bottles, and love to save them for future crafts and creations And guess what? You don’t have to be a skilled artist to paint one… it’s just simple shapes and colors! I started with this flat sided oval liqueur bottle and painted it with a coat of white chalk … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Blue Flowers

Sometimes I see a painting that instantly fall in love with and the first thing I want to do is paint it myself We’ve talked before about copying other artist’s work and it’s important to remember that it is totally acceptable as long as you credit the artist and don’t try to pass it off … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Red Roses Abstract Acrylic

The painting below, “Bloom in a Blue Vase” is one of my favorites It was painted in an abstract style from a simple jar of flowers I decided to crop the photo of the blue jar arrangement and do another painting in a similar abstract style I used a black underpainted canvas and began with … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Abstract Flowers

Today we’re going to paint some colorful abstract flowers This is something I encourage anyone to try, it is simply dabbing paint onto a canvas in simple shapes to create a fantasy garden of abstract happy flowers Colorful paintings by Julie Marriott were my inspiration She masterfully combines series of strokes and shapes in beautiful … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Whimsical Abstract Floral in Acrylic

As artists we all inspire each other, and many instructors encourage artists to use other artists work as a model, and try to copy their painting as a way of learning and exploring I recently shared a tutorial on painting bunnies which inspired my friend Patti @ Pandora’s Box to paint Easter napkins Didn’t they … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, White Flowers

. After living at the beach for 4 1/2 months, I was excited to return to the “city” and my studio space for the month of August . . I did fall in love with watercolor during the past few months and wondered if I would feel rusty painting on larger surfaces with acrylic… . … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Abstract Garden

  During this stressful time, turn to something you love to do, as often as you can For me, it is art… Drawing, painting, sketching, doodling… it is an instant trip to another place and keeps me calm and distracted           This painting was done in a recent “self therapy session” … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Impasto

A large abstract floral painting has been on my to do list since last Spring when I was commissioned by a friend to paint Bloom     I also wanted to experiment with using gel mediums and decided to incorporate impasto Impasto is a painting technique using very thick amounts of paint resulting in a … Continue reading