The Organized Life, August Paint Bucket

Welcome to August! August is my least favorite month, it’s too hot, things in the garden start looking brown and sad… Now’s the time to enjoy the last days of summer produce and the carefree days of summer! Late Summer Garden The theme/flavor of the month for August is Keeping Cool The recipes on this … Continue reading

The Organized Life, July Paint Bucket

Happy July! When I think of summer food treats, I think of fresh corn, juicy ripe summer tomatoes, zucchini and fresh Alabama peaches I am featuring Corn, Tomatoes, Zucchini & Peach recipes for the Flavors of the month for July Appetizers Peach Margaritas from Baker by Nature Zucchini Hushpuppies from Miss Information Creamy Corn Dip … Continue reading

The Organized Life, June Paint Bucket

Happy June, and Happy Summer! When I see recipes that I would like to try, I pin them to organized Pinterest boards according to type, occasion or time of year Then I choose from those recipes and make a list for quick reference throughout the month Since June is traditionally the month of weddings, and … Continue reading

The Organized Life, May Paint Bucket

Happy May! Such a beautiful and fun filled month! We watched the Kentucky Derby yesterday with friends and are looking forward to Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, beach time and Memorial Day Fry-Tot-To for Cinco de Mayo We will also be celebrating 2 birthdays… With so many diverse festivities on the horizon, I couldn’t decide … Continue reading

The Organized Life, April Paint Bucket

Happy April! With warmer temps and longer days, this month’s recipe bucket list is full of vibrant fruits and vegetables, and a few recipes for the grill The flavor of the month is Strawberry Strawberries are just coming into season in Alabama, but if you can’t get good fresh ones now, keep these recipes in … Continue reading

The Organized Life, March Paint Bucket

I know we are all happy that March 1 is on the horizon, and Spring is on it’s way! St. Patrick’s day is an important holiday at my house, no I’m not Irish, but my grand, CC, was born on St. Patrick’s Day She’s definitely a cute and mischievous leprechaun! According to Wikipedia, “The introduction … Continue reading

The Organized Life, February Paint Bucket

Here we are on the eve of February! That means Spring will be here soon, yay! Raspberry Cheesecake Trifle I have had Valentine’s Day on my mind for the past week, and Mardi Gras is coming up too Mini King Cakes or King Cake “Crowns” This month’s bucket list has recipes with these holidays in … Continue reading

The Organized Life, January Paint Bucket

Yay! We made it!! Happy 2021!! This month we’re going to put an American twist on recipes inspired by cuisines from all over the world, and also lighten them up and make them healthier… The flavor/theme of the month for January is International Appetizers Artichoke Aoili Pizza, original recipe Bacon Asparagus Brie Bites from Delish … Continue reading

The Organized Life, December Paint Bucket

Happy December, one of my very favorite months! It is filled with hope and happy, yummy food and Christmas trees, decorations, lights, sugar plum fairies, Santa, and my birthday! Even though things might be different this year, we can still be full of holiday cheer! This month’s bucket list is full of recipes that promise … Continue reading

The Organized Life, November Paint Bucket

I know we are all shocked it is November already! As crazy and hard as 2020 has been, I can’t believe that it has gone by sooo fast! So here we are, onto the holidays! This month’s Paint Bucket is full of Thanksgiving and late fall appropriate recipes, savory dishes full of vegetables and sweeter … Continue reading