Recipe Box, Uptown Patty Melt

Here’s an easy way to take the ho hum, uninteresting hamburger to an upscale, uptown, holy heavenly patty melt Start with an awesome artisan bread, like this Asiago Sourdough Slice and toast it Caramelize an onion, low and slow for about 30 minutes Grill or cook your hamburger patties and place on toast, top with … Continue reading

Recipe Box, “Lipstick on a Pig” Sandwich

Sometimes you can put lipstick on a pig  🐷  💄 And dress ‘er right up! Put a little fancy in that ham and cheese sandwich~ Start with some good french bread and turn it into Parmesan garlic toast Cut the french bread loaf in half horizontally and spread with butter.   Sprinkle with garlic powder … Continue reading