Sunday Supper, Hoisin Pork and Zucchini & Corn Sauté

You are going to want to put this on your menu asap! It’s easy, it’s delicious, it’s a little bit different, and it’s Summer on a plate! Pork tenderloin is cut into chunks, marinated for 6 hours, and grilled* Serve it with a simple sauté of corn and zucchini and you have a winner of … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Sweet Chili BBQ Pork Chops 1-2-3!

1 slow cooker, 2 sauces, 3 minutes! I would be embarrassed to show you this recipe if it wasn’t so gooooooood…… Oh, and the 3 minute part 🙂 Sweet Chili Sauce and any kind of BBQ And if you use a slow cooker liner bag no clean-up either! I made this with 2 large bone … Continue reading