Creations, Got a Wine Bottle?

Well, I finally got around to combining 2 of my favorite things, wine and paint! Haven’t we all wanted to create the perfect crafty clever way to re-purpose old bottles, with out having to use a blow torch, power tools or glass cutters? Necessity being the Mother of Invention as they say, I was yearning … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Asparagus & Goat Cheese Quesadilla with tomato jam

One of my favorite restaurants in Orange Beach, AL is Shipp’s Harbour Grill,  located in Sportsman Marina, minutes from Perdido Pass and the Gulf of Mexico. We often come by boat, it’s quicker from our house than by car, and lots more fun. They just built a huge Tiki Bar that l am anxious to … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Vidalia Onion and Tomato Pie

When we discovered how good Manchego cheese is, after eating it in a squash and tomato casserole the other night, we couldn’t wait to have it again…. . HHjr decided to try it in a summer tomato pie, and he hit another home run with this version.  He based his recipe on Emeril’s Cheesy Vidalia … Continue reading

Tablescapes, African Safari

Last Sunday we had a family birthday party at the Zoo to celebrate one of the little one’s birthdays. You can probably guess what I did on Monday I know, I can’t help it I was supposed to be doing so many other things Sometimes when inspiration strikes, you’ve just got to go with it! … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Peach & Nectarine Crostata

I am pretty sure you are going to thank me~it’s ok…..totally my pleasure…and definitely yours if you choose to make this! Here is the really good news, ANYONE can make this, and you WILL be a rock star and here’s the REALLY good news, 6 ingredients, 5 minutes, and it’s ready to bake You don’t … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday Summer Squash Casserole

Need a dish for the next BBQ? Don’t forget that Labor Day is coming up!  Is your garden overflowing? Wait!! Don’t go!  I know what you’re thinking, Ho Hum, another squash casserole, you’ve had a recipe for that for years…well, me too! I have several favorite recipes in fact, and I make squash casserole often~ … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Sweet Fantasy

This is sort of a fantasy My Boston niece was in town this weekend and she and her sister and my daughter wanted to come over to visit.  They were coming at 3, a little early for cocktails, so I thought it might be fun to have some sweets I had just stocked up for … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Stacked Tomato Salad

This is my version of Caprese Salad.   Tomato slices layered with bacon and drizzled with homemade Buttermilk Bleu Cheese on a blanket of fresh crispy greens~ This bleu cheese dressing is thin rather than thick, so it drizzles beautifully. I made it with some of my homemade Garlic Oil But any good olive oil will … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Mediterranean Sea

Remember the embellished gold chargers from A night in Morocco?  I couldn’t wait to see how I could use them again They were so pretty with simple everyday plates of yellow and aqua They look pretty fabulous with cobalt and sea green too~ These “Mediterranean” salad plates and fish dishes hopped into my cart at … Continue reading