Tablescapes, Table for One with handpainted fun


I’m setting a table for one today





I have some new plates that wanted to come out and play





I recently caved during an MKC sale





Next thing I knew

Taylor Kings Corners plates came in the mail





Hmmm I thought, what do I have to go with these?





My MKC Beachy Birdhouses and an MKC cake stand will work with ease!





And then wishing I had a pretty Kings Corner glass

 I will just paint one, I thought, and make this setting first class!





I first drew the pattern on paper with markers

note: It’s always good to make a practice drawing or painting to get the feel of your design before you start painting on glass.  When painting on glass it’s important to make confident quick strokes

Be sure to use paint that is made for painting on glass, it is curable, which means you can bake your glassware in the oven so it becomes washable and dishwasher safe. 

I like this FolkArt paint here





The charm of hand painted things is that they aren’t perfect

That is what makes them special,

and why I love MacKenzie-Childs pieces,

Each ceramic piece is made by hand and painted by their artists





I started with the purple/blue and painted a stripe on the base

with a small flat square brush





Then while I had this color mixed

I painted the dots on the upper part of the glass





Next I painted the crossing leaves pattern around the lower part of the glass





Then came the darker green stems and leaves






The flowers are just rings of dots





I painted a pink stripe and aqua squares around the base




To finish, I painted the soft orange lines around the flowers

and on the base, mimicking the pattern in the center of the plates








Thanks for playing with dishes and paint today,

my two favorite things I just have to say!




🎨  🍹 🍽


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35 Responses to “Tablescapes, Table for One with handpainted fun”
  1. Jenna, your table for one with the lovely MKC new additions is just perfect! What a lovely table as you enjoy your days at the beach. Your hand-painted glasses added just the right touch! Happy Sunday dear one!

  2. How pretty, and so good you are pampering yourself. We all need a bit of that nowadays. Will you set the paint on the glass somehow or do you even need to do that?

    • Thank you Carole! Yes, you need to use paint for glass that is curable {baked} to make it washable. Acrylic paint, after it dries for several days sets pretty well, but with glass it does have a tendency to slide around or off, so it’s best to use curable paint for something that is going to be used and not just decorative. I added a link to the paint just now if you need it.

  3. thefrenchhutch says:

    Oh Jenna, love your new MC plates, they make such a pretty place setting. I ordered late so my order won’t come for weeks, if at all. Fingers crossed. Love the birdhouses, so pretty the way you have them on pedestals. Pretty and perfect, gorgeous hand painted glass. So pretty with your place setting. Hope you are enjoying your beach time………

    • thank you Emily, I felt sooo guilty ordering these plates, but they have been on my wish list forever…I just love the Taylor ruffled ceramic plates! I can’t believe the Barn sale is on line this year, that is sure to be my downfall!

  4. Table for one? Oh no! Make it for two and invite me! Such a cheery table would make anyone happy to be a guest (and that’s even before you whip out the amazing food you always do!)

  5. Sarah Anderson says:

    Jenna, you know I’m smiling at the thought of your new plates. You will so enjoy these pretties! Taylor designs are so cheerful and whimsical. I love your stack!!!! Happy Barn Sale Shopping!!!

    • Thank you Sarah, these plates were the last thing I need, but I’ve wanted some forever! I can’t believe the Barn sale is on line this year, dangerous for sure!!

  6. Pattie says:

    Leave it to you to paint your own glassware! I’m not sure which is more lovely, your glassware or the MKC plates. Beautiful table, Jenna!

    • Thank you Pattie, I’ve painted glassware for years, I used to have a business selling to gift shops all over my state…it was a ton of work but I loved it…now I am “retired” and just paint the occasional piece for myself.

  7. This post just made me smile!
    I was lucky enough to get to run a few workshops with Pebo ceramic paints for the manufacturer at my place of work and was just so in love with them. I transferred some of those skills to painting with underglaze on my own line of ceramics for about 10 years. You had so much fun with these, makes me want to go paint something right now!!!! Sandi

  8. All of it is beautiful and soothing. Treating yourself to lovely surroundings makes the world a more joyful place.

  9. Gail Griffin says:

    You are a fabulous artist, Jenna! You’ve matched your beautiful glasses perfectly to your MC scalloped plates! Which I love, by the way! No doubt you could be the ideal artist for creating MC designs!

  10. Rita C. says:

    Jenna, that’s gorgeous, especially the grand stack! I’m crushing on those ruffles all together. Looks like a crinoline!

  11. lghiggins says:

    Fun and whimsical!

  12. Shelia Harkleroad says:

    Love the glass, Jenna! So glad to hear you are taking care of you. I also caved on TWO things recently. Since I am at home mostly now, I finally bought a puzzle mat/stand–have wanted one for ages and have oodles of puzzles. The other thing? A sort of coffee table book containing all the lyrics to the songs of Johnny Mercer, that famous Savannah, GA lyricist. I have been singing all week and frankly the cat is tired of it. Enjoy your lunch! Georgia Gal

  13. Nancy says:

    Well you know I enjoyed your painted glasses very much!
    And it’s okay to have special treasures just show up in your mailbox!
    We need all the happy we can get right now!
    Happy week to you!

  14. Everything looks so pretty. Congrats on your new purchases. It feels good to treat yourself. The ruffles are awesome. As always your painting is magical.

    • Thank you Linda! I didn’t buy anything on the Barn Sale, nothing I really wanted was on sale…I filled up my cart twice but then changed my mind and couldn’t do it 😂 Since I had just bought these plates I was proud of myself for not buying more…

  15. artandsand says:

    My sister has that MC pattern and I love it. Your painted pieces are perfect with the plates.

  16. Rebecca Payne says:

    I love the birdhouses.

  17. indah nuria says:

    look at all those lovely items you have on the table…Love the painted items! Cheers from #OMHGWW

  18. Mary says:

    Hooray for new dishes, they are beautiful Jenna! Enjoy! ♥

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