Fearless Friday, Watercolor Locomotive

Happy July and Happy World Watercolor Month!

I am joining Charlie from Doodlewash for the July challenge

of doing a painting a day for the month of July

to raise awareness and funds

for art students all over the world

The fun of this challenge is interpreting the prompts,

I often try to reinterpret the prompt in a creative way…

for today’s prompt of Train

my first thought was of a wedding dress train...

or how about a train of thought …

but then I found this locomotive on Unsplash

and immediately knew that was what I wanted to paint

This is another fun part of the challenge,

it challenges you to paint something out of your comfort zone

and paint something you normally wouldn’t

I started with a round circle,

and proceeded shape by shape

The smoke was fun, quick strokes and dabs

in various shades of gray


Foliage and ground

At this point I declared it finished,

in a less is more kind of way, letting imagination fill in the rest

Then decided to add a few ink details with a fine liner pen

Which one do you prefer, no ink or ink details?

By the way,

you can participate in World Watercolor Month

with any watercolor painting you want

it doesn’t have to be the daily prompt

and you don’t have to post daily, just whenever you can!

Just add it to social media using the hashtag #WorldWatercolorMonth

You can follow me on Instagram here

to see my {hopefully} daily paintings

Be Fearless,

and join in the watercolor fun!

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17 Responses to “Fearless Friday, Watercolor Locomotive”
  1. Happy July, Jenna. I enjoy this daily challenge and how you interpret. I love both, but if forced to choose, I would go with the ink version. You were fearless in painting the locomotive. Now you could continue with Thomas the tank engine 😀 Wishing you a wonderful day!

  2. I love the pops of red in this Jenna!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. This is so out of your normal theme, but of course, you handled it like you’ve painted trains your whole life! I always love your step-by step instructions. Happy Independence Day to you- Choo-choo!

  4. I like them both. I think the ink details for an illustration in a book, and no ink for a wall display. Either way….WAY COOL!!!! Especially poignant this week with the derailment of the train and lives lost here in my home state. That occurred about 1-1/2 hours NE of Lee’s Summit, but that train had come through here. We can here the whistle every time. So sad.

  5. Well done, Jenna! I like the fine attention to detail of the ink version.
    All my best!

  6. lghiggins says:

    My response may be crazy, but I liked both versions. I think in my home I would prefer no lines, but the structure of the lines I would like better for an office setting. A Fearless Friday to start out July seems appropriate!

  7. Nancy says:

    I love them both Jenna… I think it would depend on where it was going to be styled. I am amazed how you take a prompt and run with it!
    Thank you for this Fearless Friday!

  8. I’m not a good one to ask on preferences. I love them both but as you know, I’ve long been an advocate for inking in detail. It quite often gives it extra life and it did here, too!

  9. pattyanneart says:

    Great job, Jenna! I always love how a little bit of ink wakes up a painting.

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