Take-out Tuesday, Butterscotch Toffee Blondies

Last week, knowing my family was on the way, I got busy filling the snack jars on the island, {the first place they look} and wanted a sweet to put in the cake dome I looked through my saved recipes on Pinterest and found a pineapple coconut cake that sounded great When I make a … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Home School Treats aka Pantry Candy Bars

Home School started at our house this week I know many people are finding themselves in a new roll as a teacher I am really proud of HHjr, he is taking his new role very seriously… I’m now calling him “the Principal” He is tough! 2nd grade English lessons and alphabet practice are being done … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Butterscotch Bars

HHjr and his crew are here this week doing a condo remodel and he’s getting them lunch everyday from local hot spots.  I made them these super easy cookies to munch on during their breaks One, two, three, four ingredients! Mix the beaten eggs and melted butter with dry cake mix Add the butterscotch chips … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Chocolate Chip Walnut Shortbread

This is almost a 5 minute prep recipe The speedy secret is the shortbread crust….shhhh….don’t tell Yep, it’s good ole crescent rolls Bake the crust for 8 minutes Then top with a mix of corn syrup, butter, sugar, walnuts, vanilla and an egg.  Top with chocolate chips Back in the oven for about 20 minutes … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Bad Boy Birthday Bars

When I say BAD Boy, I am using the slang bad, meaning GOOD! The reason these are sooo bad is that they are so good! Another reason they are so bad is that they are full of all kinds of yummy things which really does make them bad, but makes them taste really good! The … Continue reading